Abhishek Ranjan | Founder

Abhishek Ranjan, Founder SarkariSchool.IN

Abhishek Ranjan, an enthusiastic educationist by heart.

Being a Government school student, his life was filled with sensitive emotions yet a lot of struggles too. As a child who studied under the tree for the major part of his schooling experienced a lifetime fun and shaped himself as a leader. He was the first person from his village, who struggled to get admission in top-ranked and esteemed university of India. “Delhi University”. Being able to work hard and reach to all great platforms of life, he gives credit to his parents. Abhishek’s father is a farmer who has always supported his education utmost priority by integrating His teacher’s support and motivation, that let him lead his college Alumni association. Being a law student, he is very active regarding the child’s right to education. His enthralling ability as an orator and an excellent narrator has made him a social leader. He has engulfed many organizations and has provided them directions from a very early age.
Sarkari School platform is his dream to incorporate all the efforts and exertion of those hands behind the upscaling of Government schools and students. In his early years after education till now he has been an active explorer of education facilities that are available in remote areas of India. He has worked with all variety of professions that include Journalists, social activists, lawyers, policymakers, Ministers, government officials. He has headed several education institutes that include Chanakya Policy Foundation, STIR Education, etc.
Being the Founder of this unique Campaign i.e, Sarkari School he wishes to feature each and every small story that has strongly impacted the roots of the society, be it in the rural or tribal areas of India. All the inspirational tales of teachers, education influencers, community members, and students themselves who are connected to Government schools require to broadcast their efforts in front of the Country. The recognition that this platform is providing them, will affect the thinking of those who misjudge the education environment of the Government Schools.
Abhishek seeks for happiness in his life and he found it, in the smile of others. He is an individual who is working effortlessly for those who are often ignored by spectators like us! He is working for the improvisation of education which transforms a child’s future that is somehow stuck in the mud of dysfunctioning thoughts and impaired system of India and the Indian population.

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