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हिंदुस्तान का भविष्य देश के उन 11 लाख सरकारी विद्यालयों में तैयार हो रहा है, जहाँ 14 करोड़ बच्चें व 50 लाख शिक्षक है।  ये विद्यालय अभाव, चुनौतियों के बीच भी पुरजोर मेहनत करने और कुछ बनकर देश के लिए जीने - मरने का स्वप्न सजाते है।  ' सरकारी स्कूल ' का मंच ऐसे ही लोगों की आवाज़ को बुलंद करने का एक प्रयास भर है।

Recent Stories

Beyond The Walls Where Dreams Breathe: Meet Poonam Yadav

Mrs. Poonam Yadav is an inspiration for thousands of teachers in our country and continues to work hard for the betterment of government school students. Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, ”teaching is a very noble profession that shapes character, caliber, and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good...

Inspiring Girls: The Achievers of Bihar Board Result 2021

Bihar Board Toppers have taught us a very important lesson- Unexpected obstacles will arrive at every point of life; to fear them or fight them is a choice we make. Pablo Picasso once said, ‘‘Action is the foundational key to all success.” If one works hard with complete dedication one is bound to succeed....

To spread positivity, one needs to stay positive: Dr. Shefali Mishra

Dr Shefali Mishra is a mental health practitioner who believes in addressing the emotional and behavioural problems of an individual. Actively interacting with the psychological problems of adolescents and adults, Dr Shefali Mishra has a never-ending relationship with training, consulting and counselling. “Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.”–...

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