Ankita Pal

“Never stop learning” is what defines me the best. I am an avid reader and an occasional poet with a passion in classical dancing. Being a communication student, my expertise lies in radiating effective thinking and weaving words to create an engaging story. Interning with sarkari school has taught me to broaden my approach with personalities who are working effortlessly to provide better future at the grassroot level. Being a communication intern with sarkari school has helped me get a clear perspective of my skills and tone it for future endeavours.  
– Ankita Pal, Head- Strategic Communication, Maharashtra

Nishtha Kapoor

You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan, no plan at all. You know why? Because life cannot be planned. So, going with the flow, I’m Nishtha Kapoor, a b-tech student. I’ve a keen interest in graphic designing, reading and learning new skills. I’ve planned on tumbling through life by devoting my time for deeds that everyone remembers. 
-Nishtha Kapoor, Head- Graphic Designer, Uttar Pradesh

Puja Kumari

A writer by passion and a counsellor from heart. But an artist by love and a teacher by choice. Here I am working as an research intern as well as contributing in ideation. I believe that teaching is all about reaching the hearts of students’ instead of mind. Through this platform interacting with inspiring government school Teachers’ of our society and writing their life stories, made me realised that even the word impossible will say to you I am possible, you only need to look at it with that perspective. Thus it is helping me to grow individually as well as professionally. I extend my warm regards and best wishes to all the people working for this organisation. 
–  Puja Kumari, Head – Research, Jharkhand

Soumyaa Rawat

I seek happiness in small things and strive for great achievements in life! A journalism student at LSR, DU, I am currently exploring my strengths and skills. An active member of social media, I remain in touch with the world and the events happening all around. A dog-lover by nature, I appreciate the privilege in my hands and aim to make the best use of it!
My association with Sarkari School has been extremely exciting and enlightening. That said, I am learning a lot with the initiative and aspire to make the best use of this opportunity. With bright-minded colleagues ad mentor, I am exploring new facets of the societal conditions. 
– Soumyaa Rawat, Head- Community Outreach Coordinator, New Delhi

Megha Rana

Mark Caine once said, “The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” And after independence this is precisely what India did, we improved our environment. We worked hard on ourselves, our country, built new schools for us and our children. However, I think the first step towards happiness is taken when you start celebrating the successes. And this is exactly what we do at While working with as a content creator, I had a chance to know and write about many amazing people and their inspiring stories. Abhishek sir has taught me that ‘not all heroes wear a cape, some teach at Sarkari schools’.

– Megha Rana, Head- Content Writing, Uttar Pradesh

Himani Jaruhar

A law student, who loves to discover things and ruminate on the philosophy of life. I derive my happiness from reading and reflecting things while embracing solitude. My experience and inquisitiveness to learn have made me ponder upon the fact that to deal with the complexity of legal and social issues, mere academic excellence through pursuing law from a dignified university would not suffice. Hence, I have derived this penchant towards analyzing the ground realities of society and to offer my contribution to the betterment of the same. I do believe that we exist in an era where being selfless and contributing to a social cause is a rare attitude but worth inculcating. A combination of hard work and smart work, and a determination to bring a change can yield success.
–  Himani Jaruhar, Head- Advocacy, Odisha

Shreya Nakade

“A good writer is the one who can live emotion of others as her own”, I believe. Writing Poetries and stories and presenting myself on stage are the happiest part of my life. As a journalism student, I come across various real-life stories which teaches me something. And here interning with Sarkari school as a content writer, I daily come across such stories, which changes my perspective towards life and encourage me to think differently. Story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things motivates me every single day and the responsibilities attached to it make me a better professionalist every day.
-Shreya Nakade, Head-Communication, Madhya Pradesh

Latika Dave

Creative pen with an energetic voice is best of a person can have! And definitely, I’m so. Sharpening skills with new things and loads of experience daily is the best job, undoubtedly. Service which defines you and embraces your personality. I came to know about selfless souls with beautiful hearts by this platform. And possibly, cannot thank enough.
– Latika Dave, Head- Content (Hindi), Rajasthan

Akshita Agarwal

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”- Tom Fishburne

Currently pursuing from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Akshita is a hardworking and passionate soul. She believes it’s always the best way to influence people through Social media for positive change in society. A person who loves to explore new things and acquire different skills in life. While working on the promotion of on various social media handles, she has got a chance to know about these compassionate people and learn, and every day it motivates her to work more to make them well known.
– Akshita Agarwal, Head- Social Media, Mumbai


As an aspiring educator, she believes every child deserves to grow up in a happy environment that strengthens their ability to learn and grow. Through, she wants to contribute towards helping children in having a happy and fulfilling childhood, educating them and give out a message to everyone to support children who are vulnerable and need us the most. This platform is also giving her an opportunity to reach her full potential and learn new things and skills.
Apart from this, she is graduating from the University of Delhi. She loves reading and travelling.

– Jagriti, Head- Project, New Delhi