Our Projects

List of Projects on which we are working at SARKARISCHOOL.IN

Project Kahaanikosh

Kahaanikosh is a digital repository of stories uploaded as text, audio or video format for supplementing learning beyond the classroom teaching in government schools. Our aim is to reinstate the old tradition of oral storytelling.  Currently we are working on creating a network of government school teachers, while ensuring feedback based communication between teams and schools to assess the effectiveness of lesson plans and working on diversification. Through this initiative of ours we wish to engender an environment that facilitates learning without any fear of judgement and equip teachers with skills needed for teaching 21st century children.

Project Mythbuster

Project Myth Buster aims at demystifying misconceptions attached to and within the ecology of government school education through factual data and constructive dialogue in order to create a healthy perspective both for the educators and larger public.The project works on unearthing the truth with the help of research documents and videos created in both Hindi and English to reach a diverse set of population. We work to act as the facilitators of a constructive dialogue among public by disseminating authentic and credible information about government schools and their educators.

Project Vedana

Every year, about 23 million girls have to drop out of school because of menstruation. To tackle these staggering numbers, Project Vedana aims towards creating awareness campaigns to reduce school absenteeism/dropouts in girls after menstruation in rural areas through active involvement of youth and creating conversation around normalizing the taboos and stereotypes around periods. We make active use of social media platforms to organise interviews, slogan writing competitions and open mic competitions around this topic to encourage more public participation.

Project Sahyog

Project Sahyog works towards creating quality educational contents as well as engaging school going students through various activities. We aim to fill in the gaps in education by producing qualitative content so that no child is deprived of valuable education. Our objective is to provide in-depth knowledge of all the primary subjects from classes Nursery to class 12th across different boards of India through simplified videos focusing on conceptual understanding of the students. Conducting Various Events, Summer Camp, workshop on Life skills, Art and Craft, Coding etc are some key activities.

Project Gudiya

Project Gudiya aims at increasing the enrolment of girls in the elementary and primary education in government schools by helping the institutions build a safe learning classroom atmosphere by spreading awareness and organising donation drive. The project envisions to reduce the poor sex ratio in the classroom and support the little girls- Gudiyas to follow their dreams.

Project Kahaanikhoj

Project Kahaanikhoj aims to build a platform where the government school students aged between 4-14 years would be introduced to contemporary Indian children literature to induce positive behavioural change in children by inculcating moral values, critical thinking, rationale and problem solving skills. The project also invites writers who can develop stories for children and help in building a repository of children’s literature.

Project Art For Learning

The project Art for Learning aims to provide the child a platform where he/she can unleash their creative potential. The project introduces them to various skills like motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making skills, risk taking and inventiveness to further develop their cognitive aptitude. We wish to align this project with the vision of NEP 2020, to include local and other art forms in school and higher education curriculum and lead the learners to become a part of Self-reliant India/ AtmaNirbhar Bharat by encouraging local artisans to come forward and teach the students their form of art and craft, thus making classrooms a platform for “Vocal for Local” campaign too.

Project Aarogya

Project Aarogya promotes importance of health, exercise schedule, cleanliness among the government school students. To develop interest in the basic body functions and hygienic upkeep, we organise innovative activities both campus and off campus to build their physical as well as mental health. It also includes events like chart making, drawing, poetry, physical exercises which encourages them to think beyond the classroom teaching.

Project Prerna

Project Prerna is our Creative content writing team, responsible for curating stories that bring forth the work of unsung heroes working for the betterment of education in government schools. We strive to tell the stories that skip the mainstream attention – stories that speak about the positive transformation of government schools by the teachers and the students with their consistent efforts. We aim to change the negative narrative built about the government schools through these stories. We intend to motivate society to develop a mindset which has an equal outlook for private and public education in schools.

Project Sambal

Project Sambal aims at spreading legal awareness among School going children in both rural and urban areas. This project aims to aware school children with basic legal knowledge so that we can enable them to know and use their child rights and constitutional rights as well as duties.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Research & Policy Advocacy Team has been created to produce high-quality research papers on the issues faced by government schools. Our strategy is to work on policy research pertaining to various topics of public education in India to evaluate existing policies and programmes, measure the impact of such programmes and suggest action-oriented recommendations. The Team aims to serve as a knowledge platform for teachers, bureaucrats, policy makers and other stakeholders.