Sarkari school is a platform that is deeply connected to a Government school and its supporters. It covers a wide area that is mainly based on 5 themes, these themes are inclusive of all the directions where Sarkari School has flourished itself and is capable enough to prove that it is the best among all.

1. “Smbhav Hai” 

The idea behind this particular theme is to portray the effective and honest service of government teachers, which also include esteemed Head Masters/Principles, those who have been an inspiration for the school children, for the village as well as for the entire district. Some of them have taken huge and impactful steps in order to replenish the school infrastructure, education system, and much more. There are true stories of these government workers who have done tremendous work in spite of impossible & critical circumstances. 

We feel proud to present their stories and encouraging tales narrated by those who have been through this struggle themselves and have proved to be our No. 1 heroes

2.“Gold is never old” 

This is the strand entirely dedicated to the passed out students of government schools, those who hold roots from their village school, and now being at authorities, they are still working somehow to upscale the conditions of these schools and students studying there. The Dignity and respect of Government school come from those who have once been there! And they have still maintained that through their deeds. 
We wish to feature the alumnus of government school under this theme, who have known the challenges and the struggle but have achieved heights. They show the real motivation for every student, who is studying in the same environment and facing the challenges and accepting them as a ladder to upgrade themselves.

3. “Sathi Sarkari School ke”

Friends of government school, this theme is to paint the efforts of those gems, who have always supported education and underprivileged government schools, we have created a community that has connected us to these extraordinary Humans, groups and volunteers.
They have proved, there is nothing better than self-realization. No government, no authority have asked them to help! Some people are even using their own resources be it, financial or other requirements. They are supporters of educations, they have provided resources, infrastructure to the schools diving in rural India. People have such great stories and they are highly inspirational. Some of them have framed an image of Government School that no one can even imagine.

We Salute to their Thinking and Courage.

4. “Siksha Samwad” 

Siksha – A boundless terminology, that can never be concluded under one single discussion. The intensity of education and its impact can be realized by the achievements of those who have dedicated their lives to education.
We want to learn from those who have worked in the field of Education and are still related to their background, to the soil they have their foundation from. Siksha Samwad intends to frame an environment that will be encouraging for students. The meetups with educationists, activists, and laureates who will discuss their life stories and tales that will inspire the future generation, and will enlighten the children.

5. “Meet the Icon”

The theme will exclusively feature students, who have been the best strugglers. Those who have made the best out of all the challenges and obstacles. The extraordinary ones, the stars, the Icons. Children of all age groups, those who have made choices that have transformed their lives and have impacted others.
Small scientists, gold medalist, champions who have made the best use of their knowledge and made their parents proud! 
We feel proud to share their stories and tales, that will be delineated by them only.