Sarkari School

Sarkari School is an initiative of WeCitizens Foundation.

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a gem for Humanity.” And Sarkari School dream, to showcase these Gems and their efforts in front of the world. We try to make them reach everywhere.

This is an initiative to build a platform for those working in the field of School Education, uplifting the future of younger generations through their hard work, those who are not related to government or any organization but are helping the neglected strata of the Indian society. These heroes need recognition not only to appreciate the efforts but to motivate others, in terms of making things possible with no support and with just self-determination.

We are featuring those people, who never care to put pictures on social media and use them to brag around making an image of the great social worker. They genuinely help people, especially those unfocused groups, which have been ignored by many. The intensity of their dedication towards society in uplifting poor conditions and dreadful situations of government schools and children have huge impactful, life-changing stories behind them. These stories deserve to be told, shared within the community, and should be made as a source of motivation among those who think, Government Schools are not doing anything.

Some of them are government teachers themselves, who are maintaining the real meaning of being a “Guru”.

Bhagwat Gita has one of Krishna’s statement:

“There is a difference between a Shikshak and a GURU”. A Guru can never make a business out of his knowledge, his knowledge is the power that he gives to his disciple in the form of blessings.”

Some people have given life to these words.

Other than teachers, there are some generous people out there who care for others and cares to uplift children, they know – how hope transforms to become an opportunity, which has the power to upturn life situations.

Sarkari School is the single platform that features these great personalities, and their tremendous work. These activities are never shown on TV or any media coverage, but we find it important to spread this message worldwide that, the neglected strata of the society needs attention. They have some true performers hidden under the pile of poverty and lack of options. Still, there are some souls, that have been touched by God.

They have given their efforts and attention, sometimes with teamwork and sometimes single headedly. We feel proud to features these great leaders and hope of society, they’re creating a path where generations can walk along to achieve the heights, they have dreams for. Be a part of this silent movement and proudly endorse & strengthen Sarkari School.