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H. L. Mencken said once, “The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful.” Mrs. Preeti Trivedi, a visionary, is currently the principal at Composite school Mehmoorganj.  She implements her ideas through innovative manner and has changed the perception of Science among her students. She always had an aspiration to become a teacher and started with teaching at Inter Colleges. Subsequently, she joined government school and became a teacher at primary school.

Make Learning Fun

Often fear is associated with mathematics and physical sciences. It is assumed that the complex formulas of mathematics or laws and principles of physics are something that only highly intelligent minds can comprehend. However, Mrs. Preeti Trivedi with her innovative style of teaching has been successfully breaking this stereotype since she began teaching.

Initially, upon joining her current primary school she noticed that instead of having a clear concept of the fundamentals, the students preferred rote learning. Moreover, there were hardly any teachers specifically for science. To amend this scenario, she brings forth the technique of storytelling to explain intricate concepts of science. Through her unique stories for explaining ‘Archimedes buoyancy principle’ or the ‘Pendulum law by Galileo’, or ‘Newton’s law of universal gravitation’, she has focused on inducting lucid concepts of the laws and principles studied under sciences. “It is very important for students to have a clear understanding of the topic and not merely memorization of definitions based on repetition”, says Preeti Trivedi. Every Saturday, she performs magic tricks applying scientific theories and shows different experiments of physical sciences. Her method of teaching has altered the situation of the school and now all the students on their own accord display an avid interest towards science. Likewise, she teaches mathematics to all her students by incorporating mathematical formulas into conversations related to everyday lives. She conducts workshops on mathematics whereby she employs several activities like paper cutting to explain basic statistics and geometry or using dice to teach mathematical operations.

Empowering Girls

 “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family”, the old African proverb practiced by Mrs. Preeti Trivedi to elevate the declining condition of education among girls in her school and corresponding village. Mrs. Preeti says, “We cite examples of women like Rani Laxmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu etc. who are of such grand stature that young girls feel that it is very hard to reach likewise greatness, so I try to give them examples from their daily lives and tell them stories of women with whom they can easily relate.”

Inspired by the story of Baby Halder, an acclaimed Indian author who had a harsh life growing up as a domestic worker, Mrs. Preeti feels that it is very important to empower a woman and education is one of the most crucial steps toward woman empowerment. When for few years she was a teacher at Police Line, her attention was drawn towards the fact that the total number of girls was far less than those of boys. She held parents-teacher meeting and also visited the corresponding village to spread awareness about the importance of girl’s education and inspired many young girls—who for some reason discontinued or were not yet enrolled in any school, to join school. Within a year, the school in Police Line displayed an unprecedented change and many girls got enrolled and are still continuing their education. Even in her current school, Mrs. Preeti always pays a special heed towards the education of girls. It would not be an understatement to say that teachers like Mrs. Trivedi are in a true sense carrying forward the legacy of Savitribai Phule, the first female teacher of India who opened schools for educating girls.

Self-Dependent Students

‘There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence on one’s self’. With increasing competition for employment, the school of Mehmoorganj encourages its pupils to develop an aptitude for employable skills. To provide an alternative for plastic bags, Mrs. Preeti makes bags from old clothes. For this, she initiates a project under which she has taught students to sew old torn clothes in shape of bags. Once the sewing work is completed, many students have done other embroidery work, floral printing and many other designs on the bags. After this, an awareness program is organized by the school to promote the use of bags made from clothes rather than polythene for conservation of environment. Following that, the bags made by students are sold to the shop vendors nearby. All the students are duly appreciated for their hard work. This has developed a sense of independence among the students. The students are further trained in the areas of their interest that helps them polish the corresponding skills. Mrs. Preeti Trivedi truly believes that rather than providing students assistance through welfare, they should be made competent enough to earn their own living.

Indispensable efforts

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”, and Mrs. Preeti leads her life by this motto. She says, “If we are blessed enough to make a change in the humankind, we must do it. Only by making our society better, we will have the fortune to live in a peaceful environment and education is a stepping stone towards developing a nation. I want my students to be educated enough so that they have a choice in making decisions regarding their own careers and lives. We should not sit and wait for a miracle to happen but work on our own to visualize the change.” Mere words can never justify the indispensable efforts put in by Mrs. Preeti Trivedi for the betterment of our society.

We congratulate people like Mrs. Preeti Trivedi who is working for the society and its future leaders. SarkariSchool.in salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mrs. Preeti Trivedi, her efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!! 

(With Vanya Sinha)

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