A Talented Teacher And An Inspiring Individual: Meet Ashish Behal

His teaching style is a bit extraordinary and extensive. And so are the results that come out of his teaching. Known for his enriching experience on education, Mr. Behal is a devoted and dedicated professional committed to his field of work.

A government school teacher working at the Government Primary School, Kahri, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, Mr. Ashish Behal is a boon for the entire country and the community of Chamba. His tenure from 2014- 20 has been a roller-coaster ride for his career. A teacher by choice, he thought of giving his 100% to the work he is committed to. His teaching efforts and unstoppable energy can simply be proved by a viral video of one of his students. Paridhi, a 3-year-old girl who can recite an entire oath with no mistakes is a testimony to his teaching efforts. The video of this student is being circulated not just because of her fluency but because a teacher like Mr. Ashish Behal could only enable a 3-year-old Nursery class student to perform a speech that students at any private school would otherwise be reluctant to perform!


His teaching style is a bit extraordinary and extensive. And so are the results that come out of his teaching. Known for his enriching experience on education, Mr. Behal is a devoted and dedicated professional committed to his field of work. Back when he arrived in 2014, he made it a point to provide quality education to his students. Even today in the year 2020, his word stands by his deeds!

By incorporating educational material on walls, creating knowledgeable games for his students, and making them learn even in their leisure times are only some highlights of his extraordinary teaching style. On the top of it all, his famous game BIGG BOSS has brought his identity and the school he works with so much recognition that he has been awarded for the same by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development! By simply imitating the reality show BIGG BOSS‘s protocol, he makes his students do experiential learning through tasks that are very fruitful for them.


The student-teacher relationship at the Government Primary School, Kahri, Chamba, HP is immensely popular and useful for the students learning there. It is the student-friendly atmosphere that Mr. Behal has succeeded at creating that his students are not afraid to approach him in case of problems. Unlike other schools where teachers might seem to be elderly to their students, Mr. Behal has given rise to a friendly system where he is more of a friend to his students than a teacher for them!


The community-school relationship in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh is simply commendable. The support and strength that the school has received from the community in the past years is a major reason why the school has climbed the ladder of success. Even when Mr. Behal and his colleague needed some infrastructural development for their students, the community members were eager to help them by reaching out to the administrative forces.

It is this relationship that has been resultant in a prosperous, positive, and proper learning experience for the students belonging to the region.


Turning the place in a big fat popular school was not an easy task for Mr. Behal. He had to walk through odds to make his dream and goal come true. In fact, it was his goal that kept him going and landed him up in a place that is now known for its excellence among all government schools.

Infrastructural transformation

Back when he was appointed in 2014, the school was a mere place with 4 walls and broken equipment. The distorted image of the school shook him completely. Yet he never gave up. Instead, he gathered his wits to turn the tables down and change the face of the school. He began with the infrastructural transformation of the place. By approaching the administrative heads with the help of the community members, Mr. Ashish Behal made the higher authorities aware of the grave situation at the ground level. This made him receive a grant for money that he used judiciously.

By bringing the right image of the school in place, he accomplished his first step of success. Thus, with a common room for all students to fit in, the school moved on to 5 repaired and renovated rooms that were named after great citizens of the country!

Quality education

With one aim ticked off, Mr. Behal now moved on to the agenda to bring quality education to the school. He began searching for teaching aids and other resources that could help him impart education and knowledge. Having the pressure to finish off government duties while handling a school filled with students, he decided to incorporate various games and visual aids that could assist children in grasping knowledge even when they were free.

Smart class

He also decided to bring Smart-class to the school. However, with financial expense for the same, he had to approach the parents of his students to get financial assistance. Therefore, with the help of parents, his co-worker, and himself chipping in money, he achieved the title of ‘1st Smart-class in Chamba, HP’ in 2016! This accomplishment still makes the community people stand with pride. Moreover, it has brought a positive change in the education of the students who have benefitted from it.

Uniformity through uniform

His another reform to bring uniformity among his students has won him huge recognition from the PMO! It was his amazing idea to make his students wear uniform that lastly proves the school’s visionary leadership among all government schools. This is because in the contemporary scenario where private schools are highly spoken of, government schools and teachers are leaving no dice unturned to become as good as other schools.

It his courage and confidence to bring more such changes and initiatives on ground that have made him a source of inspiration for all teachers across the country. Mr. Ashish Behal is undoubtedly a boon for the student community! We congratulate people like Mr. Ashish Behal who is working for the society and its future leaders. SarkariSchool.in salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Ashish Behal, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!!

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