Achieving excellence in Science: Meet Khursheed Ahmad

The steps taken by Mr Khursheed brought very positive results. He is making students of rural areas efficient in science and technology.

Khursheed Ahmad, an assistant teacher in Upper Primary School, Sawhwa, Deoria of Utter Pradesh has brought students to school through qualitative and innovative ways of teaching science. Rather than teaching, he makes science a subject of learning by visual experiments. Self-developed models and TLMs (Teaching / Learning Materials) of Khursheed Ahmad became the articles of interest for students.

Morning Assembly

Science based innovations starts from the morning assembly itself. In school attendance of all 3 classes are taken in morning assembly, where rather than saying ‘present’, students say name of numerous elements like helium, sodium, phosphorus etc. Other than this innovation, school also made rule regarding timely coming in school. Under this rule those students who come late for continuous 3 days, have to eat Azadirachta indica leaves (Neem leaves). Rather than eating these bitter leaves, students prefer to come to school on time and even if they come late, neem is a medicinal plant, which is good for health.

Education Model

Any school is judged by the quality of education it provides. Upper Primary School, Deoria has developed it’s quality of education through various science models and visuals. Mr. Khursheed Ahmad focuses on practical learning rather than mugging up the concept therefore he had developed working models of functioning of heart, lungs; projects on solar system, water harvesting, water conservation, digestive system, newton’s laws etc. He ask his students as well to develop such models and projects as a part of home work and assignments. His students prepared a small missile on birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam which flies 50 feet at a time. This way for every science chapter of every class, Mr Khursheed have a model to explain his students.

School also have Smart class facility and 2 laptops with support of society. Recently he and his teachers had made ₹50,000 investments. This way students are getting visual education. Khursheed Ahmad believes – “Visualising once is better than listening 100 times.” Therefore he opted for practical learning and it’s impact is clearly visible in school. His students are more regular in schools, won various awards in the fields of science, active participation of students in school activities and most importantly rise in enrollment of students. Enrollment raise from 86 students in 2018 to 378 students at present. Many students from private schools are enrolling in Khursheed’s government school due to the quality of education it provides.

Apart from science, art and sports are also encouraged in school. Last year only school won awards at medal level in art related activities. Whereas in 2017 and 2018 for two consecutive years, schools’ girls team won football matches at state level.


The steps taken by Mr Khursheed brought very positive results. He is making students of rural areas efficient in science and technology. Students are more inclined towards science and career options in the field of science. “My students dream to become doctors and engine “, Khursheed told about his students. Students sometimes also become teacher in their class and taught other students about what they learnt.

This practice help in developing confidence and better understanding of concepts. This base created by school helps students in their further studies, when they go for board examinations. 12 students who passed out from school is now doing government jobs in various sectors. With the help of students school is also creating awareness regarding social issues, government policies, women empowerment and other topics through rallies, meetings and gatherings.

Super – 30 Model

This school also focuses towards further studies and career options for students. For this Khursheed sir makes a group of fast learners by taking a multi subject test. Depending on test a super 10 team was prepared for the first time, which motivated parents and other students towards studies.Weekly on parents meeting day, these super 10 students interact with parents. There performance motivates parents towards studies and also motivate other students and their parents to become a part of this group.  Now more and more students are performing excellent in this test which Today bounded Khursheed for making a super – 30 group. Now he aims to create a super – 50 group.

This group also  competes and beat private school students in various competitions regularly held in school. In these events performance of government school students encourage parents for enrolling their children in government school. Apart from this Super – 30 group daily prepare for competitive exams after school hours and on holidays as well. Teacher take extra classes after school hours and no holidays are given to these students so that their talent can be enhanced.


Mr Khursheed mentioned the names of various teachers like – Dr. Khursheed Hassan of Jhansi, Ishrat Ali, Asiya Farooqui, Alpa Nigam and Ashutosh Anand Awasthi; taking about his inspiration of work. He feels blessed to have very supporting and encouraging District Administrator, CDO, Basic Shiksha Adhikari and other officials. He believes whatever they had achieved is due to the whole team consist of all students, teachers and other workers, cooks of school and society.

Khursheed Ahmad says the formula of 3D – Dedication, Devotion and Determination should be adopted by each teacher of India to do justice with the believe of students they did on teacher. He asks all teacher to do work that worth their salary. salutes Mr Khursheed Ahmad – the creator of India’s tomorrow, their efforts and dedication. Sarkari sabse Asarkari.

(with Shreya Nakade)

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