Banaras Girl setting example by educating toddlers in pandemic

Aarti doesn’t believe in running a boring class, full of facts and figures for her students, rather she believe in teaching in a very playful manner.

During this pandemic where private schools are continuing their studies with gadgets and government schools are facing hindrances due to lack of technological infrastructure, a teacher in Banaras is continuously engaged in the education of primary students with such a passion that even private school students are willing to study with her rather than with their school.

Arti with her former students

Aarti Sonkar of Varanasi(Uttar Pradesh), is so enthusiastic towards teaching these toddlers of the village, that she travels 25 to 30 km from her home to reach the village daily on time for these students. Under the shade of trees, she gathers all students to make them sit on a mate and taught English, Maths, science everything to them. 

She believes in the cheerful way of teaching among students. Regular attendance of students in their village class shows their interest in studies. She also make them do Yoga and other exercises. They learn English in a very joyful manner by acting the meaning of word. “My students can speak and understand most of english  action words”, Aarti proudly says.

Among more than 70 students, Aarti is not the only teacher. She is joined by her former students and youngsters of the village. Anjali of 10th grade, Aanchal of 9th and Dileep of 7th grade are together helping these kids with their studies. “While teaching these kids, we also learn something”, the young tutors believe.

They manage their own studies along with studies of these little ones to give a great future to kids. They now dream to become a teacher just like their Aarti, who is selflessly working for the young chaps of the village.

Aarti has designed various activities for children to keep them connected with their little school. These activities also make lessons easy for them and they no more feel bored with their school. She is also well proficient in art and craft activities, which is a good way of engaging these tiny tots.

During these learnings, even parents could see their kids studying and efforts of teachers towards making them study. This make parents realise the value of education for their children. That’s why this step of Aarti Sonkar is blissfully supported by villagers as well. They helped in arranging the requirements of running school like mate for sitting, chairs, accessories for Various activities etc.

Kiran Devi

One such villager is Mrs. Kiran Devi, she is mother of one of the student of class. She took the responsibility of bringing all students to the school and also help in handling and teaching them to her best ability.

Efforts of Aarti Sonkar, can be easily seen among her students. Her students confidently introduce themselves in English, firmly wishes any guest come to their school and tell them about their studies.

Aarti doesn’t believe in running a boring class, full of facts and figures for her students, rather she believe in teaching in a very playful manner. Students enjoy learning with her and studies are no more burden for them.

(With Shreya )

About the author: Abhishek Ranjan

Abhishek Ranjan is the Founder and Director of SarkariSchool.IN

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  1. Arti sonkar - September 14, 2020 Reply

    Thank u so much Abhishek ji..I m very glad to see these things..

  2. Janhvi - September 14, 2020 Reply

    But in this corona period when every one in risk and situations are not in under control. Every child is important and their health too. I dont think this is a right way to teach without mask, without safty. This can be highly risky and increase pandemic of corona. So be careful and alert too.

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