Changing Minds And Perceptions Of School: Meet Ms Suman

Ms Suman believes that music is one form of concentration and meditation that will develop the spiritual power of small children and will help them connect their positive thoughts with god and inner self.

“A teacher is like a candle who burns themselves, to show the path to their students”Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

This is truly the case with Ms. Suman Assistant Teacher at Prathima Primary School, Ajabpur, Mangawali, Ghaziabad.

The School is some 4 km away from the main village in Uttar Pradesh. But it’s nothing less compared to most of the modern schools which give all-round education to their students.

Starting from the music to band classes or be it the green drills and the band parade, this primary school provides an all-round development to their students.

So, Let’s hear Ms. Suman’s story about how it all started.

In 2017, Ms. Suman decided that she will appoint one music teacher for the school. Since then, Ms. Nidhi Vyas, a classical musician (12 years of experience) is teaching the little angels to sing and play instruments.

Music Band in Govt. School

Ms Suman believes that music is one form of concentration and meditation that will develop the spiritual power of small children and will help them connect their positive thoughts with god and inner self.

Ms. Nidhi Vyas, a classical musician, with school students

 “It’s a way of meditation,” she said. Ms. Suman believes that the path from music to study is a way to achieve ultimate knowledge.

Talking about the hardships, Ms. Nidhi mentioned that there were quite a few obstacles but, “Practice” was more important.

Music education requires practice. Students did not have the instruments at home, they had to come to school daily for learning, at the beginning they didn’t have any instruments at all also, it was the first time she was coming to teach government school students.

But soon, Ms. Suman made sure that they have 3 synthesizers and 1 table as all asked for, donated by the society members. She used to ask and carry it every day to teach students.   Ms. Suman thanked Nidhi Mam for her hard work and also mentioned that she took no fees for the same.

They both mentioned that ‘ students are students it all depends on the teacher, how they mound them and make them into a good human being who will face the world.’

She and Ms. Nidhi believed that it totally depends on the self-desire and self-motivation of children if they will learn or not. The students grasp it. Every student is the same, it depends on their interest.

They soon overcame all the obstacles and emerged victoriously.

Not stopping here, Ms. Suman proposed the idea of a band as well, as she always had a dream that she will make the first government school have a band in Ghaziabad.

Band with music increase the ability of students. With no delay, she hired a man from Bharat Band. Bharat Band was a band group near the school. They said one person from the band to come to school and train the students as of like in a band. They all started the practice together. Soon, the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg when visited UP, she mentioned specially that she wanted her welcoming done by the band.

She appreciated their work, as she was also in the band choir and liked their work.

After some days, when Mauritius Commissioner also came to visit, the band welcomed him as well. He was also very much pleased as surprised by the performance.

This was not all soon after developing the inner skills of students.

Green Army, Save The World!

Suman wanted to develop their love for nature as well.

She made sure that students must believe in sustainable development, that is why she has made Green Army, who not only take care of kitchen gardens in school and plant trees but also reuse tires and plastic bottles not only this they have stopped the open toiletries system followed in villages and have made 500+ bags from old clothes to make village plastic-free.

Spread awareness and water-saving are also two important parts of it. They have won the top 100 spots on ‘Mygov app’ for making the video in which, they won it all for their overall development, and also participated in National Climate Conference as a participant and has received appreciation.

Education Made Simple!

Education is the most important tool, and an educated person can face the world with courage. Therefore, for education, they use a projector, smart class, and laptops for giving advanced technological education with different apps and animated videos and for better remembering of idioms.

Suman created poems with idioms and songs so, students can remember it. Suman got ICT (Information and Communication Technology) state award for the same.

They teach students vocational education in 10 days periods they do many kinds of work starting from an electrician to Diya making in Deepawali Mela. It boosts their confidence.

Teaching not only the education and activity skills, she also taught them about dining table etiquettes. Students eat at the dining table on the verandah where the school has 2 rooms and one verandah. Before meal, they chant a mantra, practice and wear an apron, wash hands, and eat. At the Diwali fair they make beautiful patterns using lights, students play on the trampoline and do crafts too.

Uniforms Does Matter!

She also worked on their uniforms asking for the tracksuits and house uniforms for her students to make them stand apart from the crowd and shape their future in a better way by asking for help from NGO and society.

To increase unity, she made sure that girls wear scarves and not dupatta.

She mentioned that she made sure that equality within students are mainstained and whenever her students stand in a crowd, they can proudly say that they are students of prestigious government school.

Be Unstoppable!

She also took students on trips to banks, science museums, Baal Bhawan, and the students took part in climate change competition presentations. Ms. Suman received the green award .

They conduct trips like this, in order to get a better understanding for the students, how things work in different sectors, which also helps them in increasing their morals. For an activity that their endurance and overall health and team spirit increases, Kho-Kho, Doha Antrakshri, Dumble P. T, are given to make them play. In competition also held on 2017-2019 they won, in District a 2nd position and in Block 1st position. That was one of the proud moment for them.

Students are students, if provided correct guidance, correct path, correct help and give them guides like Ms. Suman and Ms. Nidhi Vyas, they will definitely make the difference and will exceptionally be strong.

Every student deserves the best, and primary school gives their students opportunities to be the best.

(With Torsa Naidu)

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