Yoga Session with Students 
Being a teacher, there had always been an instinct inside about growth of a child. Having the opportunity to be a guide for so many children gave me strength to understand what is actually important for children, for them to be better human beings apart from what they study only on textbook or follow in the school.

I have always believed that motivation comes from intuition and intuitive energy which is possible only with mindfulness and this mindfulness can be achieved only by Yoga. As far as children are concerned some important keywords which revolves in their life is focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, classroom behaviour, regularity, presence etc. In all these how to keep them intact and their mind full of good vibes.. I realized initiating children to understand the importance of Yoga is the first step to make them ready for future as every readiness requires a sound mind. So this is how I identified the problem that is mental peace of a child is very important and step by step which can definitely be achieved by Yoga. 
For the first time when I started introduction of yoga to my school children, of course it was something very new for them. I could see the curiosity in their eyes and this is what needed for children to grow, that is let them engage in something new, something that can create more flexible awareness in their life. So with all these I started Yoga practice in my school. I wanted every child to learn it, know it and understand it and that’s what happened. 
Slowly children started adapting and understanding it’s importance and doing Yoga Asan with self inclination towards it. This was the first successful step. And slowly the progress continued, other teachers are getting involved and doing Yoga was something overwhelming to see and making me much more energetic and motivating. Gradually with this I got the opportunity to present my place in one of  the Yoga teacher for the very first time on Sarkari School and then it was the platform where I could let my voice tell the importance of Yoga in the life of children. 
Let me tell you all, it’s amazing.
-Yoga is effective because it is so much tangible.
– Learning physical positions or postures build confidence as well as strength.
– Yoga enables mind-body connection which is beyond only physical fitness.
– Children can realise how much strong they are once they start practicing Yoga.
– Even I feel meditation can be short and simple for children which doesn’t involve complex process but has got intense effect.
These are some of my major findings and efforts I always wanted to put for good mental health of children. I feel even human values like empathy is enriched by doing Yoga and the world needs this today.
Stuti Pandey

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    Nice Post. Keep up the Good Work.

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