I am a teacher in UP Govt. school. Most of the teachers of Parishidiya School are posted in rural area. There are a lot of challenges faced by residents of these area and they have to tackle it by own on day to day basis. We teachers are also facing many challenges. But as soon as, the topic of Govt. teachers come to discussion, everybody always try to point out only negative things. But we never feels demotivated by any such type of baseless allegation.

We teachers are engaged by the Govt. in such type of noble work of enlightening the student of rural area, who are deprived and really want knowledge to help themselves. So, I am really proud of to be part of Sarv/Samagra Siksha Abhiyan project of Government.

I always try to motivate the students and guardian to learn for their better future. The students and their parents are always supportive to me and most of them shows a lot of gratitude for our supportive activities. If we do small work for them, they appreciate it. But the guardian of rural area have their limitation to guide their children to study at home and have their some basic problems. Because of various reasons, they can’t supervise & motivate their child for study. Most of the guardian are demotivated for schooling due to some basic problems. 

We always go to their home to motivate them to get registration of their child in school and also send their child regularly to school.

The outbreak of Covid -19 was started at the end of 2019 from China and it spread to India in early March 2020. The Covid-19 has been declared now as a pandemic by WHO. The nationwide 1st phase of lockdown declared by GoI on 24 March 2020 for 21 days to prevent this pandemic and this lockdown extended up to 31 May 2020 as preventive measures against Corona virus. Phase wise unlocking started from 1st June 2020. This period is very problematic period and we have to be safe and to perform our duties for nation building also. 

This lockdown period has increased the nationwide problem of livelihood and worsen the condition of rural area too. Each and everybody, their associated activities have been freezed in this lockdown period and fear of corona prevail everywhere. But we teachers accept this challenging situation and tried to turn it in positive way. 

This problematic lockdown period has also provided us opportunity to explore the new ideas of teaching by using information technology. Many students became aware of handling the mobile app and used it for learning purpose. They learn with joy and also curious to know much more. Nistha training provided by department becomes very much helpful to handle the situation and provide the quality education. Diksha app also helped a lot with learning material for teaching.

I am trying my best to coordinate online learning for students. I have contacted the student’s guardian and encourage them to engage their children in online learning. I had asked them to download the Video Conferencing app and WhatsApp for study purpose. Some of them told me that they were not able to download app. I have visited there home to convince to download app. Some of the guardian agreed to download zoom app and some denied to download it. Some of them asked me, “Our internet data will be consumed in video chatting and government should provide free data to us”. I faced some difficulties but few has started to use zoom app for study purpose by my effort. The student’s guardian are very much impressed that we are trying our best to teach their children in this situation also.