Diligence Overcomes Difficulties: Meet Venu Agrawal

Mrs. Venu believes that the best way of learning about anything is by doing. To elucidate the complex and elaborative phenomenon of sciences, she demonstrates numerous models that can be easily built with limited resources available at school.

Mrs. Venu Agrawal upholds all the qualities of a good teacher. She is an effective communicator and listener who constantly liaises with her students and creates a strong, healthy and high quality learning environment. She maintains an amiable relation with the students which develops a sense of trust towards her in her pupils. She is a teacher with strong work ethics and has great organizational skills. Mrs. Venu is currently working in the capacity of an assistant teacher at Kanya Purv Madhyamik Vidyalaya –Jansa, Araziline. The school has undergone unprecedented changes since she joined it.

Learning by Doing!

All the scientific endeavors depend upon observation and experimentation and a teacher who follows such pursuit always comes up with innovative ideas of teaching and becomes inspiration for his/her students. Mrs. Venu believes that the best way of learning about anything is by doing. To elucidate the complex and elaborative phenomenon of sciences, she demonstrates numerous models that can be easily built with limited resources available at school, for instance a plant photosynthesis model showing stomata, chlorophyll and sunlight, a solar cooker model utilizing solar energy, a model displaying Lamarck’s theory of evolution etc. In addition to this, she performs experiments to show chemical reactions such as combustion by using candle and jar etc. on a regular basis.

In a similar manner, she amalgamates learning with fun activities for teaching English grammar and linguistics to her students like use of flash cards, alphabet charts, colorful chalks, and other educational props. Also by conversing with them in English frequently, her students are able to deliver speech fluently in English on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day. In the era of technology, Mrs. Venu makes lucid and creative educational videos with aid of Information of Computer and Technology (ICT) which help all the students with different cognitive abilities to learn with ease and efficiency. These methods followed by Mrs. Venu have developed a very keen interest of Science and English among her students. Her students are also well-versed in the use of latest gadgets and are tech-savvy.

Education for All!

Less enrollment numbers and falling rates of attendance are some of the major issues faced by the government schools. It has been noted that students do enroll themselves in the school but hardly visit thus resulting in decline of attendance percentage. The school of Araziline was dealing with the same situation where only 60-70 students from the total strength of 180 students came to school regularly. To overcome this, Mrs. Venu conducts parents’ teacher meet wherein she explains the importance of education to the parents. To encourage the parents of a regular student she acclaims and applauds them. If a child is unable to afford her education, Mrs. Venu finances their schooling from her own earnings by distributing stationeries to them and fulfilling their other requirements etc. She always maintains a close and loving bond with her students by engaging with them in different sports such as badminton, rope skipping etc.

Mrs. Venu always conducts Doha recitation, Antakshari competition and many other activities to improve students’ verbal skills thus building up their confidence level.  She also discusses their personal problems and constantly mentors them. These efforts of Mrs. Venu have resulted in an increase in the enrollment numbers from 180 students in the year 2015 to approximately 230 students by the end of 2019 as well as a stable percentage of attendance is also a noteworthy accomplishment.

Nurturing Young Minds!

Morning assembly is a well known part of the school culture as it cultivates a captivating ambience of school and Mrs. Venu along with her colleagues organizes an assembly that focuses on various school programs and co-curricular life. It comprises of activities which raise the confidence levels among children and contribute to their holistic development like news reading, delivering thought of the day, general science discussion and quizzes for enhancing general knowledge of students. Appreciation and prizes are also distributed to the students with 100% attendance and showing exemplary work in academics or other curricular.

Although only an assistance teacher, her contribution for the advancement of infrastructure and uplifting the condition of the school is commendable. For the first time in the year 2015, she introduced the novel concept of identity cards (I-cards) in her government school which was later adopted by other schools also. She lends her own salary and has provided her school with innovative Teaching Learning Materials, flex charts for classrooms. Plantation in the school premises, BALA-Building as a Learning Aid paintings are some of the prominent features of this school.

Cultural activities boost self-esteem of students which help them to face the outer world more confidently. Mrs. Venu along with her colleagues and students organizes multiple street plays on social issues.  They also perform cultural programs like Ganesh Vanadana at District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) and participate in various competitions at school as well as block level. In addition to this, the students also represent their school in science exhibitions at Varanasi Public School. Mrs. Venu bears all the preparation and travelling expenses herself for all the participants. Participation certificates are given to all the participants and medals are distributed to winners. The constant accolades and appreciation received by the students encourage them to take part in the cultural activities more fervently.

Hard-work Pays off!

When Mrs. Venu left a renowned private school for Kanya Purv Madhyamik Vidyalaya at Jansa, teaching in a different language posed as a major challenge to her. But she overcame that challenge with sheer hard work, proving that if one works hard enough and asserts oneself, and uses one’s mind and imagination; one can shape the world to one’s desires. Mrs. Venu stands by the aforementioned words through and through and has become one of the most acclaimed teachers of her block.

(With Vanya Sinha)

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