Empowering Girls through Education: Meet Dr. Rashmi Tiwari

Dr. Rashmi Tiwari believed that “Most prestigious award for a teacher is to succeed in the attempts for their students”.

Dr Rashmi Tiwari, the headteacher at English Medium Primary School Washiratganj, Unnao is conferred with UP State Teacher Award. Rashmi ji expresses her desire to see her students in her position. Inspiration from father since childhood had made the dream come true to be a passionate and devoted teacher. Spending time with children and working for the excellence of her students were made possible with the support and motivation of her husband. Every day of an individual is really important. Rashmi ji ensured to make every day special and interesting for the students to learn new lessons in life.

Attempts to make learning better

In order to have a pleasant day, the school begins with a musical morning assembly.  Beginning the day with prayer, the students are prepared for the classes. Yoga training are also arranged in the school. Rashmi ji wanted to create an environment where students love to come to the school and to minimize the lack of attendance.  Facilities for learning and entertainment were implemented. Motivating students through conducting a different contest, entitling ‘Student of the Year’ were other extracurricular activities carried out. Art and craft classes are also organized in accordance with the interest of the students. Through activities such as Rangoli making, structure made out of terracotta, and other paintings; students remain connected with the school. Every attempt is undertaken in order to convert the school as a model and an attractive school with a unique learning experience for students.

Interactive sessions among students where they are given a platform to play the role of teacher and that builds up communication between students. The school gives color to the life of students just like their colourful walls. Walls are decorated with posters, charts related to the learning materials which help to utilize their free time reading these educational contents. Encouragement to participate in cultural activities is assured by the teachers.

Connecting the Society with School

A management committee meeting was organized which could give an assistance in the betterment of the activities done for the students.  Rashmi ji contributed a print rich environment for the easy learning of students. She had worked to bind the school and society which is an important step in the improvement of the government schools. Connecting the society with school had led to the betterment of schools. Rashmi ji whole heartedly welcomed the guardians to be a part of the school. Ensuring to provide the facilities similar to the ones in cities and other private schools was another feature of their school. Appreciating the parents who always engaged in the activities related to school and motivated the students in every step were also done. To influence people through their own work and providing opportunities for everyone is the unique quality of the school.

Have the Food: With Love and Honor

Basic etiquette is followed while having food in the school. Respecting the meal and with love children have their food. Nutritious and clean food is arranged for the health of the students. Rashmi ji had contributed furniture for the students with the aid from certain sponsors as well spending own money. She had tried to create every opportunity at her own risk. Providing proper seating arrangements for the students where every student eat and share food together, the school fulfills their liability towards their children.

Opportunities for the Girl child

Constant efforts are done for the education of girl child. As an inspiration to every girl child, mothers are invited to the celebrations of Girls Day on January 24th. A girl has the potential to strengthen the house and she has to be given every facility as equal or more than the boy child, believed Rashmi Ji. She points out herself as an example for the mothers to educate their girl child. Rashmi Ji advocates the need to educate the girl child after their primary education. Engaging the girl child in various activities programs conducted in the schools gives her an opportunity to show her potential before everyone. During the pandemic outbreak, with the help of online classes and online poster competitions, platforms are opened for the girls to exhibit their talents.

Rashmi Ji plans to organize programs to develop the life skills of girl child to make them independent in their own life. Pot making, paper bag making, are taught in the school and mehndi, embroidery are the other activities done by the students.

Pre-Primary Corner and Hygiene Box

The future students are growing in the pre primary corner of this school. The kids left in the hands of the girl child at home are brought to school so that no students have to stay in their home without getting proper education. Provided with toys which are left unused in everyone’s home, they are taken care together by the students and teachers. The pre primary kids are not enrolled but they are the upcoming students of the schools, says Rashmi Ji. Facilities were given for managing the hygiene of students. Students who don’t get a bathe at home are guided to be self-hygienic and clothes are provided from the hygiene box at school. Pre primary Corner and Hygiene Box is the unique feature of the school which benefits a lot of students.

Online Classes during Covid-19

During the pandemic outbreak, online classes are conducted with the help of ICT. Videos, learning materials are created with the aid of ICT that can be shared with the students. This technology has influenced the students to learn, especially during this present situation its importance have been increased.  “The school is a garden where a teacher is the gardener and the children are the flowers”, says Rashmi Ji missing her children and she believed in the responsibility of a gardener towards their flowers. With the help of technologies teachers are connected with their students during the lockdown.

Rashmi Ji talks about her inspiration from students who persuades her to do more every day. By teaching art, craft and other professional trainings which helps the students to improve and move forward to success on their own. She trusts in the betterment of society through her students. She leaves a signature through her students which will be remembered by the coming generation. She motivates all teachers to do good deeds for their students.

We congratulate people like Dr. Rashmi Tiwari who is working for the society and its future leaders. SarkariSchool.in salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Dr. Rashmi Tiwari, her efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!! 

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