Engaging Students amid Corona crisis: Meet Anita Vishwakarma

She creates different educational content, interviews, moral content etc and uploads it on her you tube channel. She never thought that she would become a Youtuber but during pandemic she has created her own YouTube channel and uploaded various educational videos.

To quote William Arthur Ward, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” No doubt Anita Vishwakarma is one of them. She is a government school teacher. At present she is serving at Primary School Saidpur, Pilibhit. During this time of pandemic she has not only worked on professional learning but also has been very active throughout this difficult time period. It is her efforts only that continuously and consistently she is engaging children in different learning activities. She is ensuring that even if the schools are closed, learning of chidren should not be hampered at any cost.

No fullstop for education

Ms. Anita Vishwakarma has done a great work during the pandemic time and is an inspiration to all of us. She made online tutorials and sent it to her students. Firstly she created a Whatsapp group of the students. But there were still challenges to start the use of ICT, online classes etc. The problem here is they are not able to involve all the students. As out of 144 students only 16 students had resources that could help them in online classes. All the staff of the school joined hands with few youths and took the responsibility of two students each. They helped for a certain while and later few people left and few still continued working. Later they thought of audio classes. Each class responsibility was given to the respective class teachers. Students who were not able to attend online classes or did not have resources were given Xerox copies by the principal of the school.

Inspired by other teachers and creation of educational contents

She tells that they got inspiration and ideas from other teachers who were conducting the classes online. There were also many materials online and the teachers took access of it and tried to provide these materials to the students.  Abhaypur, Madhopur, Puranpur, Uchch Prathmik Vidylay, Pilibhit is one among the first government schools which started to use ICT to teach its students. She has visited different government schools and has met different students and teachers. And also appreciates all the government school teachers for taking initiative in making the government schools a better place for the students to study.

She creates different educational content, interviews, moral content etc and uploads it on her you tube channel. She never thought that she would become a Youtuber but during pandemic she has created her own YouTube channel and uploaded various educational videos.

Working towards friendly and fear free environment

She says she likes to do adventurous wok. She likes to teach students about value education, morals and also create awareness about their environment. She has a method of teaching where before starting to teach formally at school she invites the students to her house and these students stay at her house for 1 day and involve in various activities and learning, like preparing an aquarium, planting trees etc. The students also enjoy it. She is friendly with her students. She tells that if a teacher enters into a class, students should not get scared but have a smile on their face and feel that the teacher is one of their friends. She also maintains a good connect with the parents of the students, she takes them to gym etc. and they also feel good about it. She does this activity every year.

Building communication skills

She created a schedule when she joined the school. She created a pattern of assembly which involved a prayer, pledge etc. The main aim was to make the students learn English and English prayer. Another aim is to build communication skills and public speaking among these students so that they can become leaders and achieve their goals in future. She wants everyone to know that the students studying in rural areas also have talent.

She feels that a teacher has a great impact on the student’s life and plays a very important role. Before, in earlier days there would be book with moral values, good habits, bad habits etc through which students would learn and understand but now the syllabus and the books are different, so Ms Anita Vishwakarma tells that nowadays the students are more involved in electronic gadgets. Therefore, she thought of taking a positive notion on this and give exposure to the students. So, she started this initiative called waqtavya manch.

Waqtavya Manch

She has started an initiative named Waqtavya Manch, she tells we have to remember the people who are the role models and talk about them. She has involved different schools in this initiative. Students from age of 5 to age of 18 are part of this initiative. Here the students have to speak on one of the famous personality or role model. The teacher will give the content to the student, the student have to read about it and prepare for one week and give a speech on Sunday which is recorded offline. Once these videos are received from the students, reviewed and then published online. She thanks Ms. Ritu for supporting her in finding students for this initiative. With this initiative students will learn about various famous personalities, and role models. This initiative was started during Pandemic times. She requests everyone to join this initiative and make their school students’ part of the initiative and help students develop and learn.

Updating knowledge through webinars and seminars

Anita ji is also associated with NCERT. She has organized various webinars, seminars under professional learning community. All the teachers from Pilibhit, Admin staff etc. together are part of this and learnt various topics. They learn about all the online platforms working. She tells they have updated their knowledge through this platform. She tells there are negative things about the online platform like we are most of the times attached to the electronic devices like laptop, mobiles etc, as well as we are not going out of the house and talking to our friends rather we are using online platforms for this as well. Because of this the screen time is increasing leading to eye related problems along with neck pain, back pain. So, this online platform has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of this include reduction in the cost of organizing the webinars physically, safely etc. She tells we have to use the gadgets, but also not over use it, use it only for important purposes.

We congratulate people like Ms Anita Vishwakarma who is working for the society and its future leaders. SarkariSchool.in salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Ms Anita Vishwakarma, her efforts and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari!! 

(With Amrutha P Hegde)

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