Fighting Child Marriage & High Dropout Rates: Meet Smith Kumar Soni

By taking proper weekly test for students, he plans to create a Heart Disease Free School by 2021. Smith Kumar Soni is an inspiration for other teachers and a role model to bring hope to the world.

“If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but, if you educate a girl, you educate a family” says Smith Kumar Soni from his experience as the head teacher at Govt. Middle School, Bano, Simdega district in Jharkhand. Smith Kumar Soni was conferred with National Teacher Award, 2020 for his exemplary efforts put forth in the education field. He had done remarkable work in community mobilization for upgrading school infrastructure as well as girl child education. He also worked for the prevention of exploitative practices such as early marriage and child labor. He has been working for the Adivasi community in Simdega district in Jharkhand and empowering girl child through Project Girls H/S were his key endeavors.

He considers every student as his own child. He went in search of students to different villages and brought them to school. Creating awareness in the villages was the first step put forth. Together with a committee, a team of teachers and the student parliament strengthened, the school created a deep understanding among the villagers. Mr. Smith acknowledges Parivartan dal of Jharkhand which has enabled him to be a good teacher and the students who were his inspiration in the ways of teaching.

Progress in the Enrollment rate

Kumar ji voiced against human trafficking in village where the girls are sold to different states. He had seen and experienced the ill practices in the villages. He had worked in schools where the enrollment rate was very low and conveyed the importance of education to the parents and students. He always believed that, if you educate the students and provide them opportunities to grow, children will definitely utilize the opportunities and will attend classes.  Kumar ji brought uniformity in the school by dressing up the students and created an environment of school for the students. He speaks with pride about the students of his school who are no lower than any English medium students. Later the enrollment rate was increased by the prevention of child marriage and human trafficking.

Kumar ji through his strenuous efforts worked for his own school Rajkiyakrit Madhya Vidhyalaya and at Govt. Middle School, Bano together. Being a responsible and devoted principal, enrolment rate was increased from 67 to 252 with his efforts. Similarly, at Government Middle School, Bano the enrolment rate was increased from 390 to 524. He mentions upgrading the infrastructure with more than 50 Lakh funding.

Parivartan Dal

The main motive is to focus on developing the infrastructure at schools. Four teachers at the leading position with a team at district level, block level and panchayat level, along with Parivartan dal was functioning. The duty of each team was to speak about the activities done at one school to the other schools at different levels. The teachers of Parivartan dal meet up with the teachers at other schools, speak with the villagers also motivate the students and inspires to rebuild the school. Parivartan dal works for the betterment of the school seeing the problems at the school, necessary changes are made. He shared his plan to see his schools in 2 years where a student joins for the KG and gets education till post graduation. The government has approved this proposal and with the name Litter School it will be built in Jharkhand.

Conference of the chief

The chief of each village were called upon and honored before the villagers. Honoring them gave a motivation for them to contribute fund for the schools. Most of the schools in Jharkhand received funding from the chief. Kumar ji speaks with pride about the ways in which they involved the people’s representatives in the development of the school.

Smith Kumar Soni has created a connection between the society and the school which has led to the improvement in the school. Seeking the help from MLA and other chief, computer set as well as library were set up in the school for the academic development of students. More than 10 lakhs were contributed by the chief for basketball and other games in the school campus as well as building a washing unit in the school and motivating the guardians to change the school.

Pad Bank on School Campus

Smith Kumar Soni worked against the social taboos existing in the society. He gave awareness regarding menstruation and facilities were made for the distribution of sanitary pads for girls. Providing facilities for girls inside the school for the girl child to attend the classes even during the menstrual days were made possible through his efforts. excess pads at home were brought and kept in the bank for students to use during the days of menstruation.

Skill Development program

As part of the skill development program by the Jharkhand government, ANM training was given to plus two qualified girls. 57 girls from Simdega district attended the ANM training under the Skill development Presa Foundation and 22 girls received the offer letter from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. He proudly says that 40 students received placements from Simdega district.

Smith Kumar Soni works for the children whole heartedly and the results are beneficial for the students too. He initiated steps for students to get job with a qualification of plus two for government students. Smith was contented in working for the students especially the girl child and he always wanted to do more. He provides equal opportunities for boys and girls and treats them equally. By taking proper weekly test for students, he plans to create a Heart Disease Free School by 2021. Smith Kumar Soni is an inspiration for other teachers and a role model to bring hope to the world.

We congratulate people like Mr. Smith Kumar Soni who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Smith Kumar Soni, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!! 

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