From Dreams to Dedication

Hard work, commitment, and dedication are mere words unless practiced. With excitement comes happiness, and with the pleasure of stepping the ladder of success comes the feeling of pain. Yet the unstoppable always remains stern on one’s commitments and never gives up. Similar is the story of a PT teacher from a government school Primary School Sanfara, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Ramesh Kumar. Showcasing his talent and practicing tolerance, he made the unexpected possible and turned the negative images of government schools’ students topsy-turvy.

Teacher Ramesh Kumar

Beginning with the challenges that came his way, he primarily focused on the goal and tried to make the activities engaging and interesting for the students. The major point of interest for any student enrolling his/her name at a government school is Education and Mid-Day Meal. As much as these two reasons have been successful in attracting students from all over the country, Mr. Kumar felt the need to perhaps indulge the students in some physical activities too. Considering the interests of a 10 yr-old, he thought of including some PT exercises taught all over the country. Moreover, he felt the need to help his students explore some other facets of education thus making their school days more interesting.

students practicing drill

When the students first started with the exercises, they were enthused by the activities and games. Their teacher thought of something that would add to the popularity of the school and make them more determined towards the subject altogether. Thus, he introduced them to a set of drill exercises that won the students recognition and much appreciation. With a year in hand, the students and their teacher worked hard, with failure and success. They were let down by their own disappointment. Yet their teacher never let them give up. He was dedicated and devoted to his cause and made it a point to encourage his students whenever they needed his support. With only a handful of resources, the students seemed positive and constructive. They did not feel bad because they did not have shoes or proper clothes. But they were motivated to learn something new and interesting.

From working along with each other for hours under the scorching heat of the sun to laughing in the midst of breaks their teacher granted to them, they were amused yet avid. Within a year, the students and the teacher together made name for themselves. With hard work and determination, they set standard for all government schools to stand up and showcase their talent to the world. They defied all the assumptions that tend to put the images of government institutions down. They rose to fame with their own skills and strength. There was no turning back after that.

Such stories are what needed to awake the citizens of the country. Had they been resourceful, the students would not have to grill themselves in the head. Yet they worked to the best of their abilities, proved that they belong to a school that cares for them, and especially are taught by a guru who had gone to lengths to make their routine better. His cause was not only to do his job, but to teach them the essence of physical education and to make them learn that everything is possible.

It is often said that when an individual begins to start with no resources, surrounding people stand up to join with some resources. Gradually, the resources enable them to achieve the cause for a better tomorrow. With the devotion and hard work that Mr. Ramesh Kumar had put in, he was provided with adequate help to keep him and his students motivated. Proper shoes, training clothes, equipment, etc. were all that the students needed to cheer them up and show that the world is proud of them!

We are all very proud of such teachers and students who together shine and glow. Even in the sunlight, they emerged as golden stars!

What would happen if more such teachers stepped up with more such students? Government schools would be better places with support and strength surrounding them. There will be no feelings of doubt or disregard. Rather there will be feelings of motivation and inspiration.

About the author: Abhishek Ranjan

Abhishek Ranjan is the Founder and Director of SarkariSchool.IN

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