Gliding Through Eminence: Meet MP Board Topper Kavita Lodhi

“I want to become a doctor. I will attempt NEET after 12th. I will be the first one in the family to become a doctor as well”, Kavita Said.

“DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn’t let you sleep” – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

This beautiful quote portrays a very deep meaning, it means to dream with your open eyes, from the depth of your soul. Fulfilling many such dreams of unprivileged children in our country, is the government initiative of establishing schools. Bridging the gap between public and private, these schools provide basic education facility to nook and corners in our country. The poverty stricken, uninformed parents have been sending their children to these schools and these Schools have been acting as an abode to the bright minds willing to touch skies in their lives.

                     Among these multi-talented minds, one to reach the heights of excellence has been Kavita Lodhi from Madhya Pradesh. Born in a decent village household, Kavita possesses an impeccable academic record and has scored 100 percentile in her class 10th boards exams. Yes! A Sarkari school student scored 100% marks!! Unbelievable isn’t it? Only because our media didn’t consider it being a milestone enough to bring under the limelight, Kavita’s talent shouldn’t go waste.

                               Kavita appreciates the guidance provided by her teachers at school as they never considered her potential or their potential being less than any student who is sitting in an ivory tower having button of all facilities on his fingertips. The honour brought by Kavita to her family and peers has raised the bars of students of any Sarkari school in our county. The fact that they lack recognition shouldn’t stop their progress. She made her village proud and her father give up the thought that patriarchy puts in one’s mind that “education is not a necessity for girls”. The bright smiles on her and her family members’ faces represent the sense of pride which encourages the whole ambience to break their bondages and believe that “yes! enough hard work can make anything in life achievable”.

                                      “I am the second daughter of four in my family. All my life my parents (homemaker Kaushalya Lodhi and industrial worker Chandan Lodhi) have always supported us. They have always supported our dreams and wishes, unlike many who have an inclination towards having a son. With this support, I have been able to create a new record and example in my family. I worked hard and I was expecting the perfect score. I was a little scared and anxious of course, but I had a feeling that I would score well. I want to become a doctor. I will attempt NEET after 12th. I will be the first one in the family to become a doctor as well. What worked for me is revision. Everyone studies and prepares, but we forget to revise. I used to study 3 to 4 hours every night and then revise in the morning,” says state merit topper Kavita Lodhi.

                   Her school principal says, “We have been trying to make the state merit list since last two years. Last year, we missed by 1 mark. All the students in the school have been working hard. Kavita like some of the others who made it to the district merit list have a better grasping and retention power. We feel privileged to be working with such hard-working and obedient students. It is a moment of pride for the entire school including students, teachers and management,” said Principal of Govt Model H S School, Mahu, Pradeep Tripathi.

                      Fathers who help unlock their daughter’s potential, standing up for their rights and raising them to believe they have them, bring prosperity and happiness to their entire families. Kavita’s father has studied till class 8th and her mother could not even attend school, but both of them keep encouraging her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Despite having a big family and a small income, the parents sent her for coaching to help her get the guidance she needed.

Her father, Chandan Lodhi, said, “I have four daughters. The eldest is in class 11 and Kavita has now passed class 10. She aspires to become a doctor and wants to treat Covid-19 patients. We are very proud of her and will support her dreams even if it means working twice as hard.” Our young Kavita aspires to work for the improvement of the farming sector in our country and wants to increase the level of education through means of better policies and encouragement to students to come out and join schools.

                                Every day, women and girls around the world are denied education because of their gender. Without an education, girls are more vulnerable to poverty, abuse, child marriage, exploitation, HIV, and countless other dangers. Fighting this status quo and keeping their ambitions alive are some incredible girls like Kavita Lodhi who are not only making their own future brighter but serving to inspire others facing similar circumstances.

The National Education Policy has been a breakthrough in the advancement of schools for the unprivileged population across India. Nevertheless, the goals and aspirations of inculcating minds like Kavita’s brighten the hopes for a better upcoming future of government schools and its students in our country.

(With Saloni Sinha)

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