He made primary school, a school in a real sense: Meet Kapil Malick

The school has all facilities like smart class, computer, mic, speaker, biometric fingerprint system etc. The entire school is equipped with CCTV and each class has speakers and information can be announced simultaneously as well as what will be spoken from the other side can also be heard in the principal room.

It is said that without the Guru, there is no existence of any intelligence and knowledge. A good teacher is one who spends his entire life selflessly in grooming the present and future of children. Teachers guide us by illuminating us with the light of their knowledge. One such name is “Kapil Malik” He is the headmaster of Itayla, Mafi, a primary school in Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh. He is an enthusiastic man who has made his school a perfect temple of education. 

When Kapil Malik came to his school for the first time in 2010, he saw that the number of animals and children in the school were same. The condition of the school was very bad. All classrooms were locked and children were studying in the veranda. At that time the number of enrolled students were also 57, out of which only 20 children used to come to school. The villagers used to tie their cattle to the school grounds. Gradually Kapil Malik understood the circumstances and acted with confidence in himself.

The teacher has a store of knowledge, a sense of courage and confidence. Kapil Mishra is one of those who have done such work with his hard work, money and support of society that this primary school of Itayla, Mafi became one of the best schools in the state. As soon as you enter the school, the feeling disappears that you are in a government primary school in Uttar Pradesh, there is a lot of clean greenery everywhere. Kapil Malik’s efforts are clearly visible, which made this school better than private schools.

Strength of faith

Kapil Malik has to say that whenever we go somewhere, it is necessary to win the trust of the people there. Today the villagers consider the school as their own and during this corona period the villagers have looked after the school. Kapil Malik, who dares to change the situation, is the proof that confidence, ascendant, dedication to school and regular duty can bring change. In 2015, he completed the rejuvenation of the school.

This government school in Uttar Pradesh is no less than a private school. As of today, it has all the technical features that a private school has. The school has all facilities like smart class, computer, mic, speaker, biometric fingerprint system etc. The entire school is equipped with CCTV and each class has speakers and information can be announced simultaneously as well as what will be spoken from the other side can also be heard in the principal room.

Today the enrolment is above 400 and now the situation is that they are not able to take admissions because they do not have seats. Children from 13 kilometres away come to this school and more than 70 students from far away areas come regularly to study in this school. 

This government school giving tough competition to private schools

The Star of the Month campaign started from this primary school of Itayla, Mafi, in which children photographs were put up at the prayer site to encourage children and they were made a star for a whole one month. So that in every child a desire to learn can be inculcated and he can participate in all the activities.

Talking about the system of education, class 1 has been made bagless, that is, they do not have to carry bags. All children’s copies are kept in the school by applying rubber band. There are many things like educational toys, magnetic boards for children’s education from which they are taught. Daily activities are done in the school. These are the special activities for which children eagerly wait since morning. Every day 15 minutes of special activities are done; children of all classes are made to do different activities in which children learn new things while playing and these special activities are done in an open environment daily.

Thoughts of great people are written with their photographs in the school. Along with this, many cartoon characters like Motu-Patlu, Doraemon have also been made. There are two boards hung on the walls of the school, in which the names of the children are updated whose marks are highest and whose attendance is the highest.

Successful teamwork

Family and friends have accompanied him in difficult times. Everyone has worked together like a team. Regarding his friends, he says that Mohammad Rafi, Usman, Deepak Malik have supported me all the time, and there are 4 teachers in the school, who have worked very hard to provide an educational environment. He gives full credit to his fellow teachers and further proudly says that there are 14 Casual Leaves in a year and these teachers did not took a single holiday. All the time these people keep thinking about what else can be done for the betterment of children.

Appreciating fellow teachers, Kapil Malik ji says that children remains very happy with Dinesh Sharma sir, they enjoy a lot of activity with Shivani ma’am, as she engages them in new types of special activities every day. There is a Sunil Sir who teaches Hindi in a very interesting way, children enjoy reading with him and are always happy.

Kapil Malik’s visionary dream

Kapil Malik wants to make the school digital in the next years and every child who comes to school has a tablet. His desire is to make the school bagless, making it the first school in the country where children come to school with tablets. Kapil Malik says even if the physical environment is not good and then also the teacher is doing hard work, with full dedication and giving all his time, then the society will believe in us. We have to start first; people will come with us if we do something good. If the situation is adverse then we will have to try our best to change it. He further says, “The teacher should be innovative, in every way it is the teacher’s job to solve the problem.”

We congratulate people like Mr. Kapil Malik who is working for the society and its future leaders. SarkariSchool.in salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow Mr. Kapil Malik, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari!!!

(With Shivani Tyagi)

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