We are facing an unpredictable situation all over the world due to the COVID19 pandemic. We were not ready to face such kind of situation where we’re compelled to shut down all the activities which were our essential part of life. 
In India lockdown is continue from the last week of March 2020. Hence students are unable to go out from their home to attend the school across the nation and in practice generally, we didn’t adopt such kind of system which facilitate to continue their education in such a situation.

Although students may get study material from YouTube, Website of NCERT, NIOS etc. but these contents are not enough for all the student to understand because the potential of all the students are not equal. Hence they need a supplementary explanation to understand the particular topic, as well as no one, is there to solve their queries.

Therefore, without establishing the interactive environment among the teachers and students we can’t conceive the proper environment for the systematic education in the country. In the current scenario we can continue our interaction among the students by adopting the digital services to provide the interactive online classes as far as possible.

I had following points in my mind while planning to conduct the online classes to the trainees who are belonging to the remote area as well.:

1. We have to work with poor internet connectivity which definitely a significant hindrance in order to organize the online classes and our most of the trainees are belonging to the remote area of the country.

2. Lack of digital platform to conduct online educational activities with us. In the government organization procurement of items is also a time taking process.

3. The platform should be familiar, technically easy to use and secure.
On the basis of the above observation, I have decided to continue with four common products/apps/technology simultaneously to serve the online education which is not only secure but available free of cost as well.

Which are as follows :

1. WhatsApp: We know that in every smartphone WhatsApp is being used for the communication purpose hence it is very useful to serve the important notices to the trainees and study material if needed.

2. Google Class Room: This software facilitates to organize the online class systematically. It is easy to use, accessible, and you can create assignment, questions and send study material. Students can also give the answer in the same app. It is in the form of App in the mobile and could be used on the web page like chrome directly.

3. YouTube: It is one of the most familiar services which could be used to post your lecture with a practical demonstration in the video form which gives the sense like a classroom.

4. Google Meet: It is one of the popular video conferencing app which helps to interact among the students instantaneously like a traditional classroom. You can show your presentation while teaching and student may raise the query to clear the doubt instantly.

Above comprehensive design is helping to ensure to deliver the lecture in the slow internet connectivity as well which are existing without any cost which is definitely producing a conducive environment in this pandemic a situation where the economic condition of the parents is also badly affected. If one medium will fail to connect with students another medium could work. For example, Failure of online interaction through Google Meet due to the slow internet connectivity, in that case, you can deliver the lecture through remaining medium either in the video or text format which they can download and read offline. 

Rajender Singh Negi

IT & AT Educator
National Institute for the Empowerment of the
Persons with Visual Disabilities (NIEPVD),
Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

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