How Zero Investment Innovations Works – Story of Saurav Kumar

“School is Temple, Children are it’s deities and Teachers are the priest”, says Mr. Saurav Kumar, Headmaster of Laghuniya Suryakant Vidyalaya, Samastipura, Bihar. He has made his school efficient in all aspects of education and other allied activities through proper planning and implementation of right policies.


The morning of Laghuniya Suryakant Vidyalaya starts with a very creative morning assembly known as ‘Chetana Sabha’ conducted by members of ‘Bal Sansad’ and ‘Meena Manch’ of school. Under this Students sing Morning Prayers on band followed by reciting Preamble of constitution, thought of the day, news reading, general knowledge questions, poem and speech by one child each day. This start of the day itself define how a day should begin in any school campus taking all the child under one umbrella.


When he joined the school in 2015, he found problem of irregularities among students. The maximum number of students are from a very backward community where parents give more preference on earning rather than learning. As these kids were first generation of students among their community, it was very difficult to keep them connected with studies. These were the barriers with which Saurav Kumar had to deal with.


In order to keep students connected with school, Head Master Mr. Saurav Kumar took various measures. First of all to bring regularity in attendance, he did a new innovation. In his school students are divided into 10 houses based on the area or street they live in. Now in these houses every student has a pair. This is the responsibility of senior pair to bring his junior pair to school with him every day. House captains daily check students coming in pairs on the door of school and those who come alone are questioned about their pair. This system helped in bringing regularity at a very far level.

Other than this to keep students motivated a special birthday celebration is done in school. In this way many students celebrated their birthdays for the first time in their lives.


School and Headmaster Saurav Kumar are also working towards literacy of villagers with the help of other schools of the area. For this he is honored with the Lok Shiksha Kendra Puruhskar in 2016 by then honorable President of India late Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. This award proved a source of motivation for villagers and students towards education and studies.


In his school, he tries to impart his students with best quality education. Selco India and Quest provided a solar based e-learning system to school, which proved very beneficial for learning of students. Apart from regular studies, teachers also prepare students for further competitive exams. Teachers succeeded in admitting many of their students in one of the best schools of Bihar named Simultala Vidyalaya. Other than education, school also focuses on imparting values in their students. There is an ‘Honesty Shop’ in school which provides stationary to students and there is no one appointed for collecting money from students. They themselves keep the adequate amount of which they buy products.


School is also working on various other education related projects with its teachers. Smart Laghuniya project is one such project that aims towards modernization of village. Laghuniya speaks project is another one operated by English teacher Tripurari Charan Pandey. Padho laghuniya badho laghuniya project which aims to prepare students of school for further studies so that they can get admission in a good institution. For this teacher also take extra classes after school hours.


Talking about his work, Saurav Kumar says – “I am not doing anything special; I am just doing what a teacher should do in school.” He and his fellow teachers are together doing their duties according to their field of expertise. Whatever he has done are zero investment innovations, that everyone can do in their schools. Rather than giving excuses for insufficiency, he made school self-sufficient with proper planning and implementation.

We congratulate people like Mr. Sourav Kumar who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow Mr. Saurav Kumar, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari!!!

(With Shreya Nakade)

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