Inspiring Son of Proud Farmer: Meet Bihar 10th Topper Durgesh

“There are thousands of reasons for excuses but it’s up to you how you utilize the opportunity and make yourself shine bright”, Durgesh Said.

No Matter What the Circumstances Are I will Shine Bright, Never Give Up and Will Win! There is a boy who is self-motivated he believes that if one stays focus and does a lot of hard work, he will succeed, no matter what and this is how he achieved his goal. Durgesh Kumar, the son of a farmer got the second rank in Bihar Board in Class X. He was a student of S K High School, Jitwarpur, Samastipur and he secured the second rank by scoring 96%. He not only made his parents proud as a Bihar Topper but also gave a strong message that if one has the desire to achieve his dream then they definitely can.

His family consists of his parents, two big sisters and one brother of his age. His elder sister is married and the other sister is pursuing Honours Degree and his brother also gave board exams and secured first division. His father is a proud farmer, who always encourages his children to pursue their dreams. They live on little livelihood and whatever money his father used to get by selling vegetables he used to buy study resources for him and his brother and sister.

“The Path to Success Goes Through Lot of Hard Work but Never Lose Hope”, he believes!

When asking about what made him achieve this success and becoming Bihar Topper, he confidently replied that with focus, concentration and with the blessings of his parents he could achieve this. He also emphasized on the fact that Self-motivation and self-study are the most important thing, He solely gave his six to seven hours, apart from school for self-study. His father used to get the resources for him.

He secured a total of 480 marks while he was only left by 1 mark to bag the first position. He said that he never felt bad about that. He at first, was very surprised of his achievement, he knew he did well he but the second position is a big thing.

He studied in a simple government school. The school was about 5 to 6 km away from his home. He mentioned though his classes were less but the classes that were taken by the teachers, who were highly skilled and qualified as the teachers have to face lot of screening interviews before joining the government school.

Telling the story about his timetable he said that he made doubts copy in which he used to write his doubts and the questions he could not solve after that he took the help of his teachers. He used to study continuously day in and day out and mostly in the evenings after school or when he did not go to school, in the morning he used to study.

He mentioned also that peer pressure was also there but then, he utilised peer pressure into something positive by which he could take motivation from.

After getting this success he aimed even higher his dream is to enter into a good college specifically IITs. His goal in life is to pursue Engineering and do something for his country India by utilizing his skills.

After listening to Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Digital India he got even more confident believing that these steps will make the country shine bright.

His family is very proud of him they are more than happy that his hard work paid off. His big sister said that “He always used to study very hard he was always focussed and when he used to get bored, he used to watch cartoons, he liked watching cartoons very much”.

His father said that “He is very proud that his son though getting limited resources shone brightly. He gave message to other students also that no matter what, if you have the zeal that you will be able to achieve great deeds”.

The motivation that always add fuel to his desire he proudly acknowledged that he gets it from his parents. He believes that his parents are the one who taught him everything and by their hard work and Blessings he is what he is today.

His father happily mentioned that “I am feeling no less that any celebrity. My son has raised my status by proving his mettle.” His message was strong. He said that if the child has corrected path enlightenment he will definitely study and win.

No doubt Durgesh not only made his parents proud but also motivated huge number of students and also the students with little resources to achieve great!

The message that Durgesh gave to each and every student is that resources are limited but don’t give up the pandemic situations is inevitable but do your best and at last your hard work will be paid off.

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