Transforming Weakness Into Strength: The Bihar Topper 2021 Kailash Kumar

Kailash doesn’t want to be handicapped by financial restraint. He would sometimes borrow books from his friends or ask them while they weren’t using a particular book.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.”

― Viktor E. Frankl

Kailash with his classmate

Despite his genuine efforts in 10th Grade, Kailash fell two marks short, unable to make it to the list of toppers that year. This episode disheartened and hit him up to the core. Emotionally driven, he did not let this deter him but instead used it as a catalyst to secure the best scores in Bihar for the 12th Grade Examinations. The criticism turned into admiration, applauding his achievement and newfound success. He attributed this victory to his parents, teachers, and every individual who works at his school, Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya, which ensures the untroubled and robust environment in this quaint Jhajha town block a part of Jamui district, Bihar.

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That one phone call

Kailash Kumar had the first hint when he received a call for verification from the Board. However, once the news was officially confirmed, he immediately made a phone call to his respected teacher Dr. Jayant Kumar, M.A.(Geography), M.Ed, M. Phil, Ph.D. Though he was the only male student who has topped the Bihar Board with a total score of 463, one can’t help but notice a sign of discontent as he was determined to obtain 480 out of 500. Some may regard Kailash as an overambitious nerd, whilst he is ardent to leave a mark during his lifetime. His quest for knowledge and learning is deep, an unwavering desire to discover the unbeknownst about himself and his life.

Kailash at historic Suvastu Kothi

The episode of struggle

Kailash comes from a humble background. His father, a feeble man almost at the age of 45, still works at the petrol pump to support the family. Regardless of being very excited to meet him, especially when preparing for competitive examinations in Patna, his father is still very apprehensive that even loss of a day income may dramatically affect his children’s future.

Besides his parents, the family consists of a younger sister who is still studying while the elder is married. Like father, like son – Kailash doesn’t want to be handicapped by financial restraint. He would sometimes borrow books from his friends or ask them while they weren’t using a particular book. He has utilized the time to provide education to juniors when younger that would fetch 200-300 bucks, whereas now he works with coaching centres for a couple of hours in his spare time.

He mentions that the diligent teaching staff promotes students to be active participants in the school. They are also available individually in their respective departments for further discussions or queries. The school provides sincere faculty entrusted with the duty to impart quality education and monitor progress.

A School That Shaped Dreams

Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya is an English medium school established on  9th August 2010. Inaugurated and facilitated under the leadership of the respected CM Nitish Kumar. One of the unparalleled educational institutions of Bihar, this school aims at a holistic approach towards its students with a combination of academics and extracurricular activities. An intrastate competitive entrance test helps to secure admission into this celebrated co-educational school, the resultant creditable candidates of both genders in an equal ratio of 60 admitted. With an equitable fee structure, families below the poverty line can provide free education to their children from Grades 6 to 12. Provides an equal opportunity to students of economically backward families to achieve a foothold into university.

Happy faces: Kailash with his schoolmate and Teacher

Kailash Kumar feels sentimental as he talks about his school life. He says the students here follow a principle of unity and brotherhood. Sharing knowledge, resources and helping each other following the ideology unity is strength.

This school is more than just a memory for him. He is inspired to create a similar a multidimensional educational institution that caters to the financially backward strata.

The Invincible Kailash

Bihar Topper Kailash Kumar loves studying and fared exceptionally even in his 11th Grade examinations. He doesn’t feel like being competed as he often puts double the effort of time to ensure that he has understood concepts clearly. He studies at least eight hours every day besides allocating time to play cricket in the evening. He does enjoy indoor games such as playing Ludo.

Kailash chooses to study Arts due to the feasibility and monetary constraints; he reckons it could help him minimize his educational expenditure while following his true dream to make headway with UPSC examinations in the first attempt. He also believes the complete and proper study of NCERT books helps acquire a lot of knowledge for a UPSC aspirant. This dream is not a recent goal, embedded in his heart for a long time. He is unarguably confident to crack the nation’s most difficult civil services examinations. He plans to secure admission in Banaras Hindu University or with a reputable College affiliated with Delhi University.

Proud Parents of Kailash

He provided some noteworthy suggestions for students, including regular study sessions and working hard. Improve poor handwriting. Read NCERT books multiple times. To prepare a list of repeated asked questions from previous year question papers. Solve everything in writing.

A message for those who dream

Inadvertently with his adamant demeanour to choose his path, he became an exemplar of strength. Bihar Topper Kailash Kumar further enumerated from his experience, “To never accept defeat. It entails on an individual how they face a particular challenge. Sir Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb after incomputable experiments. Success comes with perseverance and consistency.”

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