Keep Learning, Keep Inspiring: Meet the Teacher, Writer Pramod Dixit Malay

“An external factor can never inspire you. Inspiration always comes from within. And this depends upon the rapport with the field you work in” says Pramod Dixit about his inspiration to live such an admiring life.

Pramod Dixit Malay, who breaks the stereotype of teachers; managed his time for writing became an inspiration for students and several teachers through his poems, write-ups related to social issues. He is the Head Teacher of Primary school at Banda, Uttar Pradesh. He inspires students through his poems, write-ups to create awareness in the society as-well-as work along with teachers through his initiative Anand Ghar. In spite of his well-versed knowledge in writing long before his teaching career, he longs to be known as a teacher.

Childhood dream come true

Since childhood he had been dreaming about becoming a teacher. His journey of writing started from fifth grade, and till now he carries his passion alongside his career. He got encouragement and support from family to learn and write. The writings resembled his experiences as well as the issues in the society. Inspired from certain prominent writers, he continued his passion for writing. He believed in the step by step procedure where reading practice turns into a culture that becomes a part of our life. He is so proud to say that he owns a personal library which consists of 100 plus books. According to him, education is the foundation for everything. He trusts the miracle of reading, learning and writing through his every-day life.

From Reading Habit to Reading Culture

“A teacher must always keep learning. They have to be in connection with literature every now and then”, says Pramod ji and he is an example for teachers how well they must be updated with the contemporary world and how diverse they need to be expertise.  He had initiated a collective effort of several government teachers of Uttar Pradesh into a single book and other works portraying the experiences during the outbreak of Covid-19 which will be soon released, that in turn becomes an experience story for the future generation.  He has several collections of essays, poems as well as autobiography, travelogue, diary writing which will be also soon published. His emphasis on the importance of a teacher to rethink on the development of a student as a value based citizen. Teachers must create an atmosphere where they need to persuade students to follow values through what they preach. He believes that a teacher must prompt students not to just read books, rather critically analyze the books and to have an open discussion about what they understood and create perspectives out of them. He advocated the need to minimize the gap between students and libraries in government schools.

Platform for the talents of students: Divar Patrika

After taking a break from his official assignment at the block level, he had conducted activities in a joint effort with teacher and students. In 2012, started a teacher’s group and handled Divar Patrika. Similar to the daily newspapers Divar Patrika was planned and created by students using charts.  Moulding the students to be independent in doing and conducting interviews is an example shown through Divar Patrika. It was focused on bringing the innovative and artistic works done by students to the public sphere. With their initiative, almost 20 schools also introduced Wall Magazine which indeed is a platform for the students to showcase their talents. Wall Magazine stimulates students to develop human values along with democratic values during the working process. It is a collective effort of teachers and students. 3 papers circulating on the basis of classes at Purvalay School, Banda makes it the most ideal one among them.

A model as a Teacher and a Writer

A teacher who is interested in writing should definitely write, is the message Pramod Dixit shares through his own life. He gives an example through his own life to other government teachers. He always worked with his students and found joy in playing and singing with them. In the primary school at Kashiyapur, they planted trees along with the principal Vinod Gupta and worked with the teachers and students there.  He expresses his immense pleasure in spending time with children. He had worked in introducing and promoting folk art in school campus among the children. In this modern digital era, changes and transformations are constant.  He introduces traditional art forms before the students through living examples from the society. And he talks about the dying folk art traditions and the necessity to show the importance of such folk art and culture to the new generation.

A School is equal to Anand Ghar

In his search for how exactly a school should be, he came across the concept of Anand Ghar and decided to take a leap forward with this mission to create a hostile atmosphere in school. To create a school for the students, what they wish for is the base of Anand Ghar. The main vision of Anand Ghar is that, a student in school must feel joy and belongingness. The void between a teacher and student must be filled with the creativity and it must be a place where they could live without fear, where they could learn through the better opportunities given, where their will and the right to education is cherished and a place that provide love, care and respect and most importantly motivating them to be their own source of knowledge. That exactly makes the school, Anand Ghar. He has given full freedom to the students to manage and take up the initiative in every step. Everything is in the hands of students.

Inspiration comes from within

“An external factor can never inspire you. Inspiration always comes from within. And this depends upon the rapport with the field you work in” says Pramod Dixit about his inspiration to live such an admiring life. His heart and soul was prepared to be a teacher and he always worked with happiness.  He asks every government teachers to think about the reason why you are a teacher and what are your responsibilities to the students and to the society. According to him, finding an answer to this question is the most important part in the life of a teacher. He considers students as his own children and that buildups a good teacher student rapport. Portraying his own life to the students as a model for the children to learn, he has been an inspiration for every teachers and students.

We congratulate people like Mr. Pranod Dixit Malay who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Pranod Dixit Malay, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!! 

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