Friend of Government School: Meet Inspiring Gram Pradhan Dilip Tripathi

Hasudi is like any other village of UP but what made it different was a vision of it’s Gram Pradhan Mr Dilip Tripathi towards the development of village and especially development of the school.

Operation Kayakalp of UP government was launched in 2018 with the aim of transforming more than one lakh government schools of UP, but there is a school who had already transformed itself before this program and also inspired the idea of Kayakalp. It is Primary School Hasudi, Ausanpur of Siddharthanagar district. Hasudi is like any other village of UP but what made it different was a vision of it’s Gram Pradhan Mr Dilip Tripathi towards the development of village and especially development of the school.

Primary School Hasudi, is the same school from where Pradhan Dilip Tripathi himself completed his primary education years back. But today it’s way different from what it used to be. A beautiful building, fully facilitated classrooms imparted with CCTV cameras and ceiling fans, Smart class facility, Musical instruments and regular music classes, play ground, sports activities, separate washrooms for girls and boys, safe and secure environment and everything else a private school provides on spending thousands of rupees.

When Dilip Ji observed his villagers giving lakhs of rupees to private and convent schools in total for their Children’s education, he realised the need of developing his government school like any other private school in terms of infrastructure and security. Seeing his dedication, the school staff asked him to adopt the school. He spent lakhs of his own money for this work and started construction work on the land.

Morning Assembly at Primary School Hasudi

One more thing disturbing Gram Pradhan was enrollment of girls in school. When he went among villagers, he found parents were insecure about their daughter’s safety in government school. To solve this problem, Dilip Ji build boundary walls around school campus and installed CCTV Cameras in all classrooms and parents can have access of this cameras from their phones. This insured parents of their child’s safety.

On seeing the changing look of government school, villagers started enrolling their kids in government school rather than private school as a result recently, two neighbouring private schools of Hasudi shut downed. Even children of various government servants and teachers of school are also enrolled in this school now.

Primary School Hasudi is now among one of the few government schools, where enrollment of students are full and number of girls students are more than boys students. With all the available facilities students are doing good in academics and sports. Even training in music is preferred in school and morning assembly take place in a very musical manner.

All these efforts of Gram Pradhan, Dilip Tripathi is recognized at national level. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself honoured Mr. Dilip Tripathi with ‘Nanaji Deshmukh Gaurav Gram Sabha Puruskar’ and ‘Pandit Dindayal Rastriya Puruskar’ at Madhya Pradesh on 24th April, 2018. After this Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also met him and somehow got the inspirational of Operation Kayakalp from his act of transforming school. Apart from this NITI Ayog mentioned this village in its twitter page and Minister of Education displayes Primary School Hasudi’s photo in front page of its official website.

School got space on official website of Ministry of Education, Govt of India.

Teachers of the school feel honoured on having such a gram pradhan associated with their school. One of the teacher, Mr. Ram Kripal Paswan says “every village should have a Gram Pradhan like Dilip Ji.” He also told that Pradhan Ji do their lunch in mid-day meal with students. This ensure parents about the quality of food provided to their children and make teachers responsible for their work as well. Mr. Paswan was the one who initiated musical training in the school and he is thankful of Dilip Ji for his support this idea.

Do watch Music class in Primary School Hasudi

Every village have Gram Pradhans, but what make Hasudi different from other villages is willingness and seriousness of Dilip Tripathi towards his work and responsibilities. He is an inspiration for all other Government officials. salutes Mr. Dilip Tripathi – the creator of India’s tomorrow, their efforts and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari!

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