Meet Tooba Asim: An Ultra-Tech Savvy Millennial Teacher

To connect her students with the cultural heritage, Mrs. Tooba has made a ‘Sair Sapata Wall’ where she has pasted pictures of all the ancient monuments and artifacts like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Bronze figure of Natraja, colossal image of Buddha etc. that  displays the legacy of our nation.

When one stops thinking technology in terms of proper nouns (PowerPoint, YouTube, or Twitter) and instead thinks in terms of verbs (presenting, sharing and communicating), one becomes a techno dexterous teacher Tooba Asim, who is serving at Composite School Gangapur, has area of expertise in ‘Digital Literacy’ whereby she creates images, videos, texts and audios using ‘Information and Computer Technology’ (ICT) and teaches her pupils.

When Tech met Teach!

Mrs. Tooba follows the mantra of ‘Activity based Learning’ and thus focuses primarily on conducting activities. She teaches her students with teaching learning materials that include charts, working models and often demonstrates experiments of biology like onion peel cells and cheek cells for differentiating between plant and animal cells. In a similar manner, she familiarizes students with basic concepts of number system by organizing fun learning activities in Mathematics.

The applications of advance technology must be an integral part in all the educational institutes and Mrs. Tooba ensures to implement the same in her classroom while teaching. For instance, she creates various scholastic videos and presentations. She also displays videos explaining how to perform multiple scientific experiments. She has initiated the provision of online classes among her pupils during the Corona pandemic, much before the official letter to do so.

During the pandemic, it is the computer technology that helps Mrs. Tooba connects with her students. Mrs. Tooba has made full use of Information and Computer Technology for uninterrupted learning of her students. Throughout the lockdown, she has created animation videos on moral stories and poems in English and Hindi languages by making use of images and adding sound effects to them and has then posted these educational cartoon videos online and digitally distributed them among her students as well. In addition to this, she has organized awareness programs and classes promoting good health and self hygiene in the Corona crisis. These classes and programs are for both students and their parents as well. She has put forward the idea of conducting online tests using Google forms. She has created the link for test and shared the same among her students to better acquaint them with online procedures of giving tests.

Mohalla Classes have been very fruitful for all those students who were unable to be the part of online classes. These mohalla classes are organized with utmost sincerity keeping social distancing into consideration. Various educational activities on mathematics and other subjects are conducted in the mohalla classes and special heed is given to students whose studies were severely affected during the lockdown to brush up their fundamentals.

Personality Development: A Life Skill!

Mrs. Tooba carries out activities that build up the personality of a student. For this, she has arranged mics by cooperating with her Headmaster and encourages students to narrate stories and recite poems on mics. This elevates confidence among her pupils, thus developing their personalities. Similarly morning assemblies are also held on mics and speakers where students deliver speeches or present thought of the day. Multiple types of co-curricular activities like yoga, rakhi making, dancing and decorating school buildings as a mark of celebration of different festivals and many such programs are also held at the school often.

Mrs. Tooba’s constant efforts to communicate with her students and educate them under any circumstances have created a great impact on her students. The students feel more assertive and they enthusiastically perform in all the classroom activities. The students participate in Science quiz competitions every now and then and have received third prize at block level. Regular online classes and taking part in various competitions during pandemic have shown a positive growth in their confidence. Appreciation certificates and acclaim has further encouraged the students to actively participate in all the programs.

Eco-Friendly Environment!

“Be a part of Solution, Not a part of Pollution”, Tooba Asim believes that ‘a clean place is a safe place’ and is working for the same cause in her school. For this she has initiated an Environment Club that spreads awareness on ‘Clean and Green Environment’.

Students create several posters and perform various activities based on environmental issues like ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Fuel’ and ‘Plant more Trees’ etc. Along with this she has planted saplings in her school premises and has encouraged her students to plant trees near their houses to promote greenery and a healthier surrounding.

Supporting Girl Education:

‘Educate a girl child and give her ways to be Independent’. Education paves the path for a developed nation and educating a girl child is one of the stepping stones in creating a society where girls are free from socially orthodox issues. Mrs. Tooba Asim has witnessed the decline of girls’ education in her school due to child marriages. Girls in her school were married at an early age and hence, were deprived of education. Mrs. Tooba has initiated programs against ‘Child Marriages’ wherein she apprises the people in corresponding village with the adverse effects of early marriages. Her persistent efforts towards spreading awareness regarding child marriages have received positive outcomes. Many girls are now continuing with their education and are not married at early ages.

Understanding Means Appreciating

When we understand our cultural heritage, we start to value it more. It is very important to teach about cultural heritage and inculcate a sense of appreciation into the minds of students about their heritage. To connect her students with the cultural heritage, Mrs. Tooba has made a ‘Sair Sapata Wall’ where she has pasted pictures of all the ancient monuments and artifacts like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Bronze figure of Natraja, colossal image of Buddha etc. that  displays the legacy of our nation. It is easier for students to comprehend the facts about these cultural monuments and artifacts by looking at the classroom wall.

Recognition for Work

‘Hard work always pays off’ and Mrs. Tooba Asim’s perseverance and dedication towards her profession and students has garnered her immense recognition and acclaim. For making use of Prerna Lakshya application in educating her students, she has been given rewards.

Her initiative to promote hygiene among citizens during COVID-19 has also been appreciated with an award. She is also praised for her effective Teaching Learning Materials and scholastic videos posted online.

Being a diligent teacher that she is, Mrs. Tooba Asim’s only aim is to see each and every child educated in the most wholesome way possible.

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  1. Atif Vakil Syed - December 6, 2020 Reply

    Good initiative, keep it up..

  2. Atif Vakil Syed - December 6, 2020 Reply

    Good initiative, best teaching method, keep it up..

  3. Ragu Aru - December 6, 2020 Reply

    Mam, it’s proud for all teachers. I influenced a little from your action based teaching. Though I come across many things like this it has some different orientations in teaching. Congratulations…
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