Meet Usha Khare: The Inspiring Lady Who Gave Meaning to the Word Education

She believes that education is as a basic necessity to every human as is water, food and oxygen and that nobody should be devoid of the right of education.

Conditions do not alter a man, a man alters the condition’, standing and living by this, Dr. Usha Khare is a name that brings a sense of pride and respect in every soul that has ever come across her or has known her.

She is an unparalleled reason behind the smile of thousands of people, a reason for the secure future of numerous girls and the reason for many proud and satisfied parents. She has been a boon to Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Jahangirabad, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Along with her army of diligent teachers, Dr. Usha Khare shaped the lives of her students for the greater good and adorned India with worthy and skilful women.

How all of it started

Speaking of her career in the world of teaching, Dr. Usha Khare received motivation to be a teacher from her own father. He was the School Head Master and her inspiration as well. She was brought-up in an environment that considered teaching as the most noble profession for women.

The year 1985 embarked the beginning of her journey. She, along with her team, conducted workshops on the education of adults in 5 villages and helped in spreading awareness regarding the importance of educations in one’s life. She served under Rajiv Gandhi Siksha Mission for 4 years and also headed the department of psychology in PGBT college of Madhya Pradesh. This all accounted for a vast experience in her life.

The golden year of 2011

This was the year when DR. Usha Khare stepped into Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Jahangirabad as it’s principal and changed it’s fate forever. She noticed how unaware the general public was about the Right To Education Act and little did they bother about sending their children to school. With a mindset of working for a better future, she implemented innovative ideas to increase enrollment in school and to improve the attendance of the students. To encourage people, she organized events like ‘Ma-Beti Sammelan’ where all the local teachers, parents and students interacted with each other.

In 2014, to incorporate Digital Education, she contacted Microsoft which facilitated the school with various digital devices. Girls of the school were trained in Microsoft and were encouraged to pass on their learning to women in their homes. She collaborated with International Sight Saver in the program of health and hygiene where they created a core group of students who impacted around twenty-five thousand lives. For improving the level of teaching of her school, she started various teacher’s training programs.

She understood the need of the current world and inclination of parents as well toward English medium schools and took a major step of including English medium curriculum in her school.

The tale of success

Indeed her hard work, perseverance and persistence paid of. Her efforts brought the colours of success in her school. Today, the number of girls enrolled in the school are about twelve hundred to thirteen hundred, which is in great contrast to the earlier figures of two hundred to three hundred.

As a result of her Digital Education program, around three-to-four hundred girls of her school have Microsoft certification and many of them have secured decent jobs. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Extra Childhood and would soon be incorporating 21 new activities in school. They are already working towards building their own radio station in the school. Her students share that her way of teaching is so natural and touching that not being interested in studies is not even an option. One of her student, named Nidhi Srivastav is the first female Finger Print Expert of Madhya Pradesh.

Around four thousands of tablets were allocated to the students of this school which brought them into the circle of the emerging digital world. Along with scholastic curriculum, she initiated co-curriculum of self defence, painting and sculpture in the school in order to promote wholesome personality development of the students. Most importantly, she bridged the gap between private and government schools and successfully eradicated the sense of inferiority among the students of Government school and set an example of how an adamant and honest leadership contains the power to bring big changes.


For her incredibly selfless efforts in the field of education, she is bestowed with India’s highest award for Teachers i.e. National Teachers Award and two State Government Teacher’s Award. Recently, she became one of the ’Karamveers’ in the popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati ( KBC ). She truly is the face of pride an honour for the entire state of Madhya Pradesh, and for the country as well.

A message to the world

Dr. Usha Khare has no intentions to stop. To all the institutions she ever committed to, she has always tried to innovate new ideas to bring the necessary changes that could prove itself beneficial to the society and would like to serve the Nation by spreading education till her last breathe. She believes that education is as basic necessity to every human as is water, food and oxygen and that nobody should be devoid of the right of education. She wishes for all teachers and students to be sincere and honest towards education as this is the only key to prosperity and success of India. salutes Dr. Usha Khare- the creator of India’s tomorrow, her effort and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari.

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