Meet Yatika Pundir: The Determined Soul

Yatika Pundir loves her students and she finds time to teach them and engages them in activities even during the lockdown.

“Whatever is empty in us, we will fill with our hard work and skills”, says Yatika Pundir, assistant teacher of primary English model school, Kamalpur at Rajpura in Meerut (UP). She has been honoured with a UP State Teacher Award. The school, as well as students, was transformed with the efforts of Yatika Pundir. Yatika Pundir loves her students and she finds time to teach them and engages them in activities even during the lockdown. This school was selected as part of a pilot project to be an English medium school in 2015.

Highest Enrollment Rates

As a result of the strenuous teamwork, the school has been raised with the highest enrollment rate in Rajpura Block. Ms Yatika had played a crucial role in the school enrollment progress. They have a total of 8 teachers and 388 students in their school. Her classes are interesting and innovative which created an environment where interaction was important. Indoor games and other activities were coordinated under the leadership of Yatika for the students. She has been an inspiration for other teachers too.

Learning with ICT Technology

It was under the initiative of Yatika Pundir, teaching and learning were made possible through ICT. English, Mathematics, Hindi, Music, Art etc were taught using ICT. Other teachers were inspired by Yatika with the adaptation of technologies. Laptops were used in catalyzing the learning process. Ms Yatika persuaded to success with the continuous hard work and dedication in life. She had struggled yet inspired and motivated others to get a better interpretation and appreciation of the concepts with the help of TLM.

 Sanskriti Club: The Juncture of Talents

In 2019 a cultural club called ‘Sanskriti Club’ was formed in the school under Central Govt initiative. Tie & dye techniques, painting, bag making, paper puppets, embroidery works were taught without gender inequality especially the village students were contented to be a part of the club activities. Cloth bags were created and hand paintings were done during the strict restrictions on polythene bags. They preplanned everything and carried out several activities among the students.

Humanity is our Identity

The exemplary efforts Yatika Pundir put for her students show how well they are influenced and inspired by her. Yatika Pundir becomes an ideal teacher who teaches students regardless of their caste, creed and gender. Ms. Yatika stated that, you are a human first, before a Hindu or Muslim.

Celebrating every festival irrespective of religion is what they practice and preach. She has coordinated a Raksha Bandhan wishes for soldiers and they shared their love by tying a Rakhi for them.

Ensuring the active participation of students

She always ensured the active participation of students at Block and District Level Competitions. The students participated in the commissionary-level art competitions. As part of bringing the children to the public sphere, Ms. Yatika took children to the printing press and showed the outer world to them. For the active participation of students and taking care of their health, regular P.E.T. Yoga, importance of self hygiene as well as cleaning the surroundings and other techniques were taught in the school. A library had been set up for the better learning of students.

A Helping Hand to Growing Girls

Lack of awareness about sanitary pads is a huge issue to be taken care of. She had showered light upon the use of sanitary pads among girls considering the situations in villages. She had also coordinated the distribution of sanitary pads as an aid to the growing girls. Every day was a new lesson to the children.  She had always been their pillar of support in learning new skills. She appealed students to commit to one-self and motivate them with her saying, “Girls are no less than anyone else. Sincerity and continuous efforts mould you into a better person. The desire to help others is the sign of a good person”. 

Teaching Strategies to make classes interesting

Her teaching techniques are deeply rooted in the true values of humanity.  Ms. Yatika Pundir always longs for the progress of students. And she is a good friend to students and other teachers. Teaching using Role Play is a unique quality of Yatika Pundir ji. Anupama Jaiswal had tweeted about the teaching at this school and had mentioned how the basic education in UP is transformed and even praised the children’s day celebrations at the school.  Ms. Yatika celebrated children’s day wearing the same uniform of students. Utilizing learning techniques that focus on paying attention to students and encouraging them to learn were the primary aim of the classes.

Students’ Friendly Environment

Transforming the traditional learning into an ICT based learning with enjoymeng was her main focus. Attention and retention of the students was improved. She had inspired the students staying as a child with them. And she focuses on excellence rather than giving complete focus on success. Students deserve everything but they don’t get anything and she loved to work for them. She worked for the improvement of students and tries to remove their fear. Students learnt to sing songs in five languages with her full support. She has the opinion that, motivating a teacher can motivate 100 students, and de-motivating a teacher you de-motivate students.

Foundation of a Progressing Nation

She believes the society would be good if the children are also good.  The future of the nation lies in the hands of the citizen. And building up the nation has to begin from the students. The foundation is necessary in the long term journey. Teaching through Big Book at assembly time, De-worming day, making BRC more creative and beautiful, QR Code working at SCERT, Lucknow, doing Election duty, Volting campaign, Teaching craft to Juvenile kids, achievements at state and national levels are her key endeavors.

We congratulate teacher like Ms. Yatika Pundir who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Ms. Yatika Pundir, her efforts and dedication. Sarkari Sabse Asarkari!! 

(With Ancy Maria Thomas)

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