Nothing is impossible: Story of Arvind Singh Rathore

By scheduling Community meetings and conversing with the locals on one-to-one basis, his work and will led him to bringing effective and efficient change among the community and its people.

Amidst the mountains and forests of Madhya Pradesh, the tribal area of Badwani is situated at a distance of approximately 180 km from Indore. The region is recognized as one of the Top 10 Tribal Areas where Scheduled Tribes inhabit the inner areas of the country and are partially or fully disconnected with urban lifestyle and city life.

Located in Narmada’s lap, his workplace is a serene landscape yet it comes with its own challenges.

For making it in those regions, one had to probably work hard and arrange durable transport means because of the unavailability of any rail or road connections between the town and the village.

His presence and passion can be seen here. Community meetings and gatherings serve as an efficient way to carry out development and betterment.

Belonging to the Barela Community, the people there have different ways of living. Their food habits, festivities, and daily well-being is distinct and unique in the sense that when Shri Arvind Singh Rathore had first arrived in the region, he was shocked and taken aback to witness the vast difference.

Initial Challenges

On being posted in the region, Shri Arvind had first got to know about the local people and their jungles in the year 2010. The lifestyle the people led and the backwardness with which they were content amused and astonished him simultaneously. Ever since reached the inner jungles of Primary School Semlet, Badwani, Madhya Pradesh, he along with his colleagues had certainly resolved to bring a new face to the people and their lifestyle. From their dressing sense to festivity culture, everything seemed to be new and novel for him. Yet he was affirmative in getting to know more about the people and culminating his post service as an aid to the people living there!

Link road between Samlet school and district headquarter ; Natural terrains and difficult conditions pose a great challenge for him to continue with his work.

Perhaps he was strongly willed to bring a better and bolder change among the people who did not seem to be aware of the worldly advancements and thus on an estimate, were 30-40 years behind in terms of their way of living as compared to the ‘normal’. Moreover, it was too futuristic for him to even get to work for the education of students. Therefore, he began with community betterment and upliftment!

Involving people to actively participate in initiatives informs and educates them while creating a positive atmosphere.

Connecting with Community for School Development

In order to bring about a change in the mind-set of the whole community, Shri Arvind Singh Rathore had to first bring about a change in his own mind-set. This is to say that he would have to build a road of compromise to ease out the discomfort and make the whole process more convenient.

He started participating in local festivities as he soon discovered that the festivities of the local people were far more different from the festivities he had been celebrating. Yet still, he participated with full enthusiasm and energy to mix in with the people. By rejoicing their own celebrations, he thought of making the bond among the teachers and the locals stronger and better.

By scheduling Community meetings and conversing with the locals on one-to-one basis, his work and will led him to bringing effective and efficient change among the community and its people. By working consistently for 6 years, he realized that his ambition and aspirations had proved to be successful. By working on the grass root level, he communicated with the people and made their bond closer.

Bringing the Internet Advancement

By realizing the backwardness of technological advancement, Shri Arvind Singh Rathore was determined to curb the hard work and pressure he had to put in for travelling across the town to find liable means for the internet. Perhaps, he accomplished the availability of network in the village itself and soon helped the other teachers to avail of the facility. By making the locals aware and informed about the various changes, the teachers were simply educating the community people about lifestyle changes and perceptions thereby.

Teaching in open atmosphere and innovative classroom settings are effective ways of making children happier and healthier.

Even in the field of education, he had to change his ways and adopt different practices. By taking a different road, he soon decided to make the students learn on the field and not remain confined in the classroom. Thus, he organized his education and learning sessions in the natural setting and helped his students to learn faster and better. This way he also made them comfortable and happier while gaining knowledge.

Overcoming Natural Challenges

With special reference to the natural challenge and special abilities of Shri Arvind Singh Rathore, who was determined and dedicated to not let any of his disability come in the work he had done for the people and the nation. He had brought about an educational transformation in the region of a tribal inhabitation with utmost valour and courage. According to him, his own strengths motivated him to do better in life!

His Wi-Fi wonder has made internet connectivity possible in rural areas. Technology and teaching go hand-in-hand. Thanks to him

All in all, the story of Shri Arvind Singh Rathore is a ray of hope for those sections of society that are underdeveloped. Teachers like him teach the world the true sense of education and make them learn novel ways of living life, the king-size!

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