Remoulding classrooms, Rebuilding Lives: Meet Priyanka Tripathi

To enhance the learning outcome among her pupils, Mrs. Priyanka conducts several scholastic activities. One of those is the repetition of phonic sounds to teach correct pronunciation in the classroom which primarily focuses on participation and involvement of every single student.

Mrs. Priyanka Tripathi, employed as a teacher at Composite School Kesharipur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh wishes to establish government schools as benchmark of basic education. She has created strides in her current school, Composite School Kesharipur that she joined two years ago. She has transformed her school building of mere bricks and mortar into a learning resource. She is a complete educator in true sense.

Learning from Surroundings!

A school with learning spaces and rooms in optimum conditions makes it possible for students living in villages or remote areas to study well and also tends to improve the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning. Mrs. Priyanka Tripathi of composite school Kesharipur realizes the role school infrastructure plays in optimizing learning outcome of students; hence she has transformed her classrooms and school building in a very fascinating and captivating manner. The revamped building and classrooms are mainsprings for increased number of admissions at the school of Kesaripur.

During her initial days of joining, she has changed the wall color of her classroom and has painted the room with bright colors. The classroom lacked proper seating for students. Mrs. Priyanka has equipped the classrooms with benches and desks. Additionally, she has made numerous models using thermacoal, colorful chart papers and intriguing Teaching Learning Materials via innovative paper cutting methods and has furbished the classroom.  The school has proper and standardized washrooms for both girls and boys too.

Sole focus on learning from textbooks is no longer considered an adequate teaching method. Children can learn a lot from their physical surroundings. Mrs. Priyanka Tripathi and her colleagues do not see school buildings merely as cemented structures but its walls, floors, windows and doors as valuable sources of learning. Thus, under Building as Learning Aid or as it is commonly known as BaLA, the classrooms and school building of Kesaripur have developed into child friendly learning spaces.

Tech-savvy Teaching Methods!

To enhance the learning outcome among her pupils, Mrs. Priyanka conducts several scholastic activities. One of those is the repetition of phonic sounds to teach correct pronunciation in the classroom which primarily focuses on participation and involvement of every single student. She frequently employs the use of Information of Computer and Technology (ICT) and concocts educational videos displaying poems, stories of English and Hindi and many other topics related to Environmental Sciences. Earlier, in her school, some students used to make an excuse to leave the classroom which has concerned Mrs. Priyanka. She has applied positive reinforcement to change this behavior of the students. For instance, to those students she assigns tasks like learning hard words and their meanings, writing few sentences on any topic and so on; only after completing the assigned tasks, the students are allowed to leave the classroom.

The school often organizes Science and Mathematics Olympiads whereby students actively participate and receive appreciation for the same. Moreover, the students also visit other schools to display their prowess in such Olympiads. Morning assemblies are integral to overall academic development of a student. School assemblies that are held at Kesaripur are pretty extensive; students conduct them regularly and include daily news headlines in both English and Hindi, different prayer for each day and simple quizzes about current affairs and general knowledge, whereby winners are applauded.

Extra-curricular Polishes Personalities!

The importance of cultural programs and extracurricular in enhancing the personality of students cannot be over emphasized. Every Saturday students take part in various art and craft activities that involve flower making, pots decoration, drawing and rangoli making etc. contributing to the holistic development of students. On occasions like Raksha Bandhan, students make group and participate in rakhi making competitions. The winning group is awarded and other groups are appreciated as well.

Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day are celebrated with much enthusiasm. Students decorate the rooms with flowers, balloons and perform singing and dancing. Cakes and sweets are distributed. Several group and solo activities are conducted every now and then by Mrs. Priyanka and her colleagues to keep the school environment lively and to improve the scholastic as well as non scholastic skills of students. The school also organizes programs based on variety of themes regarding social issues, for instance ‘Nari Shakti Program’, ‘Domestic Violence’ etc. Several sports competitions and yoga are also held at the school. They often host such competitions as well as represent their skills in other schools also.

Awareness and Enrollment go hand in hand!

Parents’ teacher meeting is conducted on a regular basis wherein Mrs. Priyanka along with her colleagues discuss progress of students and also make parents aware about the significance of education and how it shapes the future of students. Parents are also appreciated for their child’s hard work which keeps them motivated as well.

Mrs. Priyanka’s conscientiousness and her constant efforts have resulted in a substantial increase in the enrollment numbers. The school has recorded a total strength of approximately five hundred students in the last two years and private school students have also taken admission in the school. The classes are divided into two sections with about 40 pupils in each section. Mrs. Priyanka’s who is class teacher of 4th has forty one students in her class with an attendance rate of ninety percent.

Initially, my class had only twenty five students and very few of them were punctual and regular. With gradual transformation in the school building and classrooms and by employing more creative and interesting methods of teaching, has brought a positive change with an increased number of students as well as a stable attendance percentage,’’ says Mrs. Priyanka. She constantly motivates and inspires her students to study diligently and earn a sound living for themselves.

Inspiring Students, Inspired by Students

Her sole inspiration is her students. She believes that public schools have far greater role to play in our society than we give them credit for. She aspires to provide primary school students world class education in the most affordable ways possible.

Team Kesharipur

Mrs. Priyanka’s endeavors to make an entrancing school building and excellent quality TLMs have gained immense recognition in Varanasi and have inspired other schools nearby as well.

Mrs. Priyanka’s students inspire her to work towards her goals relentlessly. And she encourages her students to do the same.

(With Vanya Sinha)

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