If a girl wants to study; society should support her: Bihar Science Topper Neha

“There are many talented girls in Indian villages, but due to lack of family support and distance from school depriving them from education”, Neha believes.

Who says government school students don’t top the exams. Who says Students from rural area can’t get proper education. Neha Kumari of Gopalganj, Bihar broke all these myths. She had topped the Bihar Inter Board Examination 2020 by scoring 476 marks out of 500.

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Neha, a science student of Hajarilal Higher Secondary School, Baliwan Sagar, Gopalganj belong to a very normal family. Her uncle Jayprakash Giri is a teacher in middle school and he was keep motivating her towards her studies. Neha’s brilliance was observed by her teachers and principal as well and they fully guided her towards right direction so that she can achieve goals of her life. 2 years before in matric as well she performed exemplary well and scored 408 marks out of 500. This performance developed a believe in family and teachers towards her studies and they supported her towards it. Therefore she believes – “If a girl wants to study; society should support her.”

Neha says, without family support towards studies, scoring such great marks would be impossible for her. She found herself fortunate to have a family who supports her dreams so passionately. Neha dreams to join administrative services and serve the nation. “This is a profession which will allow me to work for society”, Neha believes. Further for this goal she will opt art stream and prepare for UPSC.

Neha with her family members

Neha performed exemplary well in inter exams is due to her teachers and educational facility school provided to her. Regular classes, extra classes when required, giving enough time to students by a teacher so that they can come out with their queries, all these efforts of teachers brought out such an awesome result. Neha told that her School Principal Sanjay sir always supported and encouraged her. He was very sure that she will pass the exams with great marks. Her school have a smart class facility, it helped her in visually understanding difficult concepts. Apart from studies school facilitate games like football and cricket for girls, which is not very common for girls of such a small village. “Our teachers also take classes on moral and cultural education”, Neha mentioned talking about uniqueness of school.

Neha’s brother Kishan also studied in the same class of the same school and he also managed to get his name in the merit list. Her brother topped district in matric earlier, this motivated her to study harder to become like her brother. Both siblings together cracked the exam and made the family proud.

When asked about her studying method, Neha told that after completing whole syllabus, she prepared notes of all the subjects. Solving question paper helped her in understanding pattern of questions, helped in time management and accordingly she worked on her strengths and weaknesses. Neha studied for 7 to 8 hours daily while preparing for her exams. She strictly followed her routine. Maths is her favourite subject, she added.

Neha and Kishan with School Principal, Librarian and other teachers

Neha’s Parents are glad and proud of her academic achievement. This performance of Neha and her dedication towards studies is a motivation for others in the village. This will encourage others in village towards the education of their children and specially girls. Neha believes that her achievement can motivate other girls towards education. She also believes that parents should support their girls equally as boys. She also finds herself fortunate to have a school near her home, because earlier when there was no school in village, girls were not allowed to travel so long for studies hence remain deprived from education. “There are many talented girls in Indian villages, but due to lack of family support and distance from school depriving them from education”, Neha believes. She wish that her achievement could encourage other parents towards enhancing and supporting the talent of their girl child.

Neha’s performance is an example and proves that government school teachers provide full support and guidance to their students towards their studies. It also breaks the myth that girls education is not emphasised in rural areas. sarkarischool.in salute Neha Kumari – the future of India, her efforts and dedication. Sarkari sabse Asarkari.

(with Shreya Nakade)

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