Success is the Biggest Reward – Story of Dwijendra Kumar

He renovated shattered school building, properly developed all classrooms with learning modules in it.

“The best teacher is the one who teaches from heart not from book.” Today we are here with the story of one such teacher, Dwijendra Kumar, Head Master of Middle School Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Bihar. for whom teaching is not just a profession, it’s a goal of life. He is so dedicated towards teaching that he spent all his efforts and time, even holiday in school and among students. Decorated with many awards “my students and their success is my biggest reward”, he says.

Transforming Infrastructure

When Mr. Dwijendra got his posting at Middle School, Madhubani “schoo, hel was in a poor condition”, he told. There were only 3 or 4 rooms in a fine condition and 2 to 3 rooms were badly shattered. Boundary walls were so small and hence there is a sense of insecurity. Overall school didn’t have a learning atmosphere. It is also surrounding by some anti social elements, not good and secure for students. Changing this atmosphere and developing infrastructure was a challenge for Dwijendra Kumar.

Ensuring basic facilities to students

According to Dwijendra Kumar , physical infrastructure means, resources which support overall development of child and gives a learning atmosphere. To create a learningful atmosphere, he first of all built boundary walls and a main gate around school campus so that a secure atmosphere could be provided to students. He renovated shattered school building, properly developed all classrooms with learning modules in it. Apart from this, school also made 100 desks benches for classrooms and 18 dinning tables for mid day meal. This is done to ensure basic facilities to students like any private school.

A sound mind lives in a sound body

School also built a flag hosting stage and a performance stage in school campus. Students of school eat green vegetables of school’s own kitchen garden in mid day meal. This idea of having a kitchen garden insured availability of sufficient vegetables even when their prices rise high in market thus taking care of students health as well. This idea got more focused and increased pace after Mid day meal Department’s order regarding kitchen gardening in school and surrounding areas.

A playground is must for school

In it’s 1.5 acre of land, school has playing area with all sporting equipments, a beautiful garden with regular maintenance, a park with swings in it for beautification and positive environment. Apart from these, for hygiene purpose, school has water filters, hand washing stations, clean washrooms and 18 dinning tables for meals.”We still need to do more works”, Dwijendra ji said while telling about school’s infrastructure.

Water harvesting,step towards sustainable development

According to Bihar government’s order, all government schools of Bihar have to build at least one water harvesting tank in school or near school campus. Middle school Madhubani has built 7 such tanks. On getting news about it, District Commissioner Mr. Atul Prasad and DM Mr. Rajeev Roshan visited the village and praised Dwijendra ji for his work. Now the work done by this school became an example for all schools. As a result those who had not built a single tank are also building it. While talking about his work he says – “wherever I go, I try to adopt good things.”

Activities to promote learning

For interactive and effective learning, school focuses on various activities. Apart from intellectual, activities related to social and basic knowledge also takes place in school. Dwijendra ji himself play interactive games with students to keep them attached with studies. He believes in playful methods of learning, where students learn by their wish not by pressure.

Imparting Life skills

Basic fire safety lessons, attentiveness to prevent accidents, quick steps to deal with unforeseen situation, all these lessons are taught to students practically. Trainings in karate and self defense are also given to children, specially focusing towards girls students, as 75% strength of school is constituted by girls and their safety is school’s priority. Yoga is also an important part of school’s regular activity. Bal Sansad and Meena Manch of school are super active. All the ministers and representatives are well aware of their responsibilities and hence developing leadership skills among themselves.

Encouragement through scholarships

To motivate students towards studies and education, a unique monthly practice started by School from last December only. Under this, monthly exams were conducted for students. On the basis of exam 5 best performance are chosen from each class that is total 40 from all classes. These 40 students are provided with ₹50 each and a certificate by Dwijendra ji. Also the top 10 among all are awarded with another ₹101 and certificated by him. This is known as Dr. Rajendra Prasad Scholarship for students, started from 6 December 2019 with the motive of supporting and encouraging talented students. Not only for students, but a similar kind of motivation program is arranged for teachers and cook as well. Every month 1 male teacher, 1 female teacher and a cook is also honoured and provided with certificate for their impactful works.

Interaction with Societsy

Society plays a very important part in any kind of transformation. Here for developing educational environment as well society’s role was important. Dwijendra ji goes home to home for explaining importance and perks of education, security and facilities in school. Not only regarding school, teachers also reach home to home for promoting other social issues, political rights, Human Rights and also social ill practices.

Training parents to ensure learning

Teachers also connect parents with regular school activities by calling them to campus. This make them believe in the school and education system. For providing a good learning atmosphere at home also, teachers encourage parents towards education. Teach them the ways through which they can keep an eye on children’s activities. All these efforts proved helpful in successfully connecting society with school.

Use of technology

School also make use of ICT based education system, so that students can have visual leaning. Dwijendra ji also made a very effective use of social media. He regularly post  videos and articles on facebook and YouTube about the activities taken place in school. He also involve media in school’s activities. His school regularly capture headlines of newspapers. As a result this school has became a model for other schools of district and state.

Sole motive: Success of my students Dwijendra sir is continuously working for school and students. Educational, intellectual, social and physical development of students is the sole motive of his life and success of students are the biggest reward for his efforts. This is what he wish to do in his remaining 15 years of teaching life. He is a teacher who donated his award Money of ₹15,000 in Shikshak Kalyaan Kosh. India wants more teachers like him, for whom nothing is greater than education. We congratulate people like Mr. Dwijendra Kumar who is working for society and its future leaders. salutes Mr Dwijendra Kumar – the creator of India’s tomorrow, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sabse Asarkari.

(With Shreya Nakade)

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