Tech Teacher – Story of Manoj Kumar Lakhra

He developed a device through cardboard and lenses which can give a 3D experience to the students while seeing any video. He also developed a ‘Merge Club’, which is used to explain various body parts and functioning of those parts.

Government Senior Secondary School, Kathakali of Haryana, a school whose students has developed various apps those are adopted by  education department of Haryana Government. And the teacher guided them was not a computer or technology teacher but a Hindi teacher surprisingly – Mr. Manoj Kumar Lakhara. Not only in this  school but in his present posting Government Senior Secondary School, Bajgedha also Manoj Kumar Lakhara is doing various low cost technological innovations.

Thirst to do something

In school there was a computer lab provided by the collaboration of LLF and DEL. After study hours, students use to prepare apps in computer lab. Work started from a website named Manoj Kumar was not a computer specialist, but he once did a computer course and with that knowledge and by  solving any other queries online he worked on this program of app development. Four students – Shiva, Balram, Indrajeet and Amit developed a mid day meal app. This app reduced working hours of teachers engaged in managing mid day meal activities like calculating amount and  cost of raw materials and other things required. With the help of app now hours of work is completed in minutes. This app is now recommended to use by all schools of Haryana by Government of Haryana.

Making life easy

Other than this, ‘Samagra Mulyankan App’ is also prepared by students for preparing CCE based marsheet of students easily. Students also prepared e-magazines and schools’ website. Manoj Kumar Lakhara, started the process of connecting schools on GPRS system, which is now adopted by all schools of Haryana.

Importance to science and culture

Other than Technological innovations, Manoj Kumar also focuses towards science and culture. His students of Kathakali presented various science models on state and national level.

E-books: accessible to all

Presently in Government Senior Secondary School, Bajgedha with two of his students, Himanshu and Sonu; Manoj Kumar Lakhara  also prepared QR codes of 130 books of academics and other educational topics. This converted all books into e-books and students can anywhere access it.

QR codes also prepared for various plants, planted in school campus and surrounded areas. These codes give information regarding plant’s name, it’s health benefits, way of planting, idol climate etc.

Continuously engaged in Unique innovations

Mr. Lakhara did various very  unique innovations in his school for which he is honoured with National Teacher’s Award 2020, this Teacher’s Day. These innovations include a Mobile TV, which runs without electricity. It is made up of a box and a screen on it. The videos of phone are displayed in this big TV like screen. Similarly a mobile projector is also made by Manoj Kumar. This is done to give a smart class like experience to students with limited investments and means.

He also developed a device through card board and lenses which can give a 3D experience to the students while seeing any video. He also developed a ‘Merge Club’, which is used to explain various body parts and functioning of those parts. Apart from this the Haryana quiz club made by Government of Haryana is very useful for students. Under this ‘Team Shiksha Diksha’ of school made a question bank of 12,000 questions. This quiz is made more interesting by School by providing 6 life lines and fastest finger first method of KBC show.

Understanding the need of present time

Technology is the need of present time, it has became part of education system. Those schools who cannot afford costly technological gadgets can easily access these cheap and easy to make technological gadgets made by Manoj Kumar. What he did beyond the boundaries of his responsibility is really a social service.

We congratulate people like Mr. Manoj Kumar Lakhra who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes Mr. Manoj Kumar Lakhara – the real creator of India’s tomorrow, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sabse Asarkari.

(with Shreya Nakade)

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