The Inspiring Innovator: Meet Saurabh Suman

He converted the stick into an ID-card and a chip on the waist belt’s back, in which the ID card helped the blind ones to get the alert alarm when they come closer to any object to maintain social distancing in the school and outside.

A government school teacher who should be shown as a role model for the children. A man who saw the problem and took an effort to find solutions to it. We always might not see the problem near to us, but here is the man who inspired children and the entire people of that place with his discovery through his knowledge.


Saurabh is a teacher of Girls High School, Lalit Narayan Lakshmi Narayan Project Balika Ucch Vidyalaya, Triveniganj, Supaul, who made a chip-enabled stick for visually impaired people, by when that person goes forward and if any object or any person comes close to it in a range between 2 meters, that stick gives that person a message that there is something close to you, be alert. This prototype was made basically for visually impaired people who are facing problems in maintaining social distancing norms in this pandemic.

He also converted the stick into an ID-card and a chip on the waist belt’s back, in which the ID card helped the blind ones to get the alert alarm when they come closer to any object to maintain social distancing in the school and outside, and the waist belts back sensor is fixed so that from the back of a person, he/she gets the alarm alert same as in ID card they would get.

But the ID card gives the alarm from the front and the waist belt gives the alarm from the back on whatever gets close to them. His interest in science and innovation is ancient and as not being a science teacher, in particular, he attracted the students who are interested in science and innovation. His students were really interested in not only reading the science but also to implement their learning into real-life by making some innovative technological devices. He said that his students were very creative and fresh for giving him creative ideas and came with real-life problems and they all sit together and discuss the possible solution.

Sometimes they gave the model idea to him and also they inspired him to work on that model, they discussed it whenever in the group with the students. He also told us about the support and appreciation which he got from his students and the principal of the school. All of them motivate him and inspire him to make for society.


One example he gave that one of his students told him that after the reopening of the schools, at the time of fee submission, the staff and the submitters were at a high chance of getting infected with the coronavirus. So we should make a device which disinfects the notes, so which then the staff can collect it. They all got together and made the UV box in which the submitter submits the notes in the box and the UV light helps in disinfecting the currency notes and after that, the staff could collect those currency notes.

So it helped in maintaining social distancing norms. So as this the students helped Saurabh in making different devices which were working and helped for the betterment of the society.


Before joining to school, he worked as a software developer in a private company. When his talent for innovation gets the limelight in the local area, the government of India also got to know about him and an Atal tinkering Lab has got established in the school in where he had to do more innovative works. The lab provided the resources. He made many prototypes and models in that lab. He also gave the classes to his students and made them understood the basics of the model and prototype.

In this lab, he made a device system in which at the time of floods the officers get the message of alert when the water level was about to go high. In Kolkata, he got the National Level Award in that Exhibition. He told that “We must combine science with technology”, his statement is clear in this era of the digital world where everything works smartly with the technological advancement of devices, instruments, and machines.


The funds which he gets from the lab were limited, so he included his own money, sometimes, the students and the principal also contributed to the project as they were to support his work and inspired him to work more and more. So, money related problem was not an issue for him. At the time making any instrumental devices, he also got help from local electricians who told him about the electric wiring and made him understood the basics of electric instruments. So as this, many local professionals helped him in learning the different fields and skills in which he was planning to make models and prototypes.

Some people have myths that in government schools teachers are not willing to teach properly, they just go to school and lean on the chair and they come back home. But Saurabh sir’s story explodes all the myths about the image of the teacher of a government school. He says, “We should not only give lectures to the students but also should make them understood about the real-life application based experiments so they can better understand how to implement their knowledge in the real-life in terms of prototypes and models, only then they will better understand their learning and studying the importance of science”.

Once he got invited to the Patna Women’s College as a resource person of science and innovation expert, he shared his experience with the students who were elder than his own students. So, it was a significant moment for him to give a lecture at a degree college as being a school teacher. Everyone there appreciated his work and his experience in science and innovation.

He is the best example of an expert, master, inspiration, and a determined one for Science and Innovation.

(With Shivam)

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