The Top Notch Teacher Of Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh: Meet Sanjay Kumar

An obedient and sincere professional, he never fails to arouse interest among his students. Under his leadership, the children are not made to mug up the bookish content but they are taught through innovative practices.

Honoured with the National Teachers’ Award 2020, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain is a teacher at the Government Girls’ Primary School, Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh. He devotes his National Award to all the Indians and especially his school children who have provided him with the opportunity to serve and teach. Fond of children and their innocent way of leading lives, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain always wanted to be around children. Inclined towards the field of education, he soon realized that his aim was to become a Primary teacher. Eventually, he became a government school primary teacher who is currently known for his eminent efforts and innovative practices in the field of teaching. Today, he is a ray of hope for hundreds.

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Dedication for profession

An obedient and sincere professional, he never fails to arouse interest among his students. Under his leadership, the children are not made to mug up the bookish content but they are taught through innovative practices. His learning methods are innovative and interesting for the students to learn and gain knowledge. There are a total of eighty innovative learning methods through which teaching and learning take place in his school. Over the period of 4-5 years, his innovative thinking has led to the creation of these 80 learning methods. He is an ardent advocate for the promotion of girls’ education, A strong believer in the saying “KOSHISH KARNE VALO KI KABHI HAAR NAHI HOTI!”, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain is a shining star who will definitely shine brighter in the long run.


One such learning method is to combine nature with education. One day while seeing spare rocks in the open, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain thought of creating a new learning method. Perhaps he utilised the colourless stones, painted them, and penned down educational content so that the children could learn beyond their books. By doing this, he has not only created a distinct yet unique learning method but he has also ensured that children gain some knowledge even when they are just roaming around outside their classrooms in leisure time.

Therefore, the school campus is surrounded by walls and rocky surfaces that have been inscribed with the several basic information such as DAYS, MONTHS, MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS, SHAPES, and ALPHABETS.


Another innovative learning method is carried out through the use of floor games. The school is filled with floor games that impart fun activities and basic knowledge. By enjoying their leisure time and playing such games, children frequently indulge in learning through floor games that, in turn enrich their knowledge.


Teaching at the same school in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh where former CM of Madhya Pradesh, Ms. Uma Bharti had studied, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain has been actively advocating about girl’s education. His continuous efforts have created awareness among the community people and he constantly comes up with novel ideas to promote girls’ education.Teaching at a girls’ school, he ensures that no girl is left behind and that all students indulge in holistic learning. This allows for the students’ all-over development and makes them confident too.


Achievements never come without its own share of challenges. Mr. Sanjay had to encounter a number of infrastructural challenges that obstructed education and overall development of the students. When he joined the school at first, he witnessed the following challenges- no boundary wall,  dangerous pits all around the premises, and that the local people treated the school campus as a casual picnic spot! On seeing this, he first felt disappointed but he soon stepped up and began creating awareness among all to send their children to school.

Another challenge was that of the limited resources present at the school. Due to the unavailability of the digital resources, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain could not teach his students through the means of Digital Education. However, he began inviting administrative officers and reflected on the need to expand the limited resources that the school possessed. Similarly, he urged the school’s alumnus to help him acquire adequate resources for the betterment of the children. By working hard and knocking several doors, Mr. Sanjay ultimately achieved the facility of a laptop and a projector for teaching his students through digital means.


An integral part of the education, school- society relations are truly essential. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Jain has been working continuously to improve the same and bring the two even closer than before. Through cultural activities, meetings, and community sessions, he persistently tries to bring the community closer to the school. This further harbours a sense of togetherness and brings a sense of positivity among all.


In the wake of a global pandemic where schools have been shut down and children cannot come to school, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain came up with another innovative learning method that could benefit all of his students.

Since the state government was providing education through smartphone application, not all students could access the same and were perhaps left behind. But Mr. Sanjay Kumar came up with the idea of distributing radios among a number of students to help them learn even during the lockdown. Thus, he invested in the same with his own savings and went on to distribute the radios among various group of students. The efficiency of this activity is such that the students are easily able to fill their worksheets and revise their chapters. For routine checking and assessments, Mr. Sanjay along with his colleagues visits his students and looks after their progress.  By doing this, he has not only ensured that digital gap does not affect his students but he has also proved that to be a teacher, one does not have to stick to classrooms.

We congratulate people like Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!!  

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