The Unstoppable Efforts: Meet Deepak Pundir

Through the use of ICT, he has also ensured that the students learn the things that they are interested in and that they should be able to adapt to the latest technology.

Determined spirit is unstoppable and so Mr. Deepak Pundir. Deepak Pundir from Rampur, UP is currently working as an Assistant Teacher at a government school. A State Teacher Awardee,  who give credits to his students and parents for the honour he was given and also attempts to do more such work that will bring prosperity and positivity to his school as well as all other schools in the country. With a vast teaching experience of 11 years (2009-20), he believes in three principles – SAHYOG, SAMMAN, SAMARPAN that keep him going through all thick and thins!

Hobby turned into a profession

His work has been entirely towards the betterment of the schools he has worked with. By choosing his hobby as his profession, Mr. Deepak Pundir opted to teach students and make their future brighter. Since 4 years, he has been working with his current school. As an assistant teacher, he had to work hard and diligently to make his dream to educate as many children as possible come true. Yet the change that he along with his colleagues has achieved is not a result of sheer luck but dedicated hard work that was performed with full spirit and strength! “Just like a car needs 4 wheels to make it work, likewise, a school needs all its teachers to work properly so to benefit their students and make them learn well.” are the words of Mr. Deepak Pundir.


Only 30 students, as compared to the previous school where there were a total of 250 students, used to come when he had first joined in. Currently, the school has a total number of 76 students enrolled for the session 2020-21. The daily turnout of students has also increased with the increase in learning experience. To encourage students to remain present everyday, he has also initiated an activity by the name of “SITAARE JO BANE DHRUV TAARE”. This motivates the children to come to school and those who take no holiday for a month are awarded with a star of their own name! This brainchild initiative not only brought him recognition but also he was honoured for the same.

He has also worked towards reducing the dropout rates in the region where he teaches. By inviting earlier drop out students  to come to school, he tries to test their capability and give them admission according to their age. Another instance where a girl named Afreen was given the opportunity to read and write enabled her to attain education for the very first time, and thus helped her to grow!


With the infrastructural challenges obstructing the process of teaching and learning, he had to primarily focus on getting the premises of the school repaired and renovated. This involved getting the floor work in place, walls renovated, and furniture placed. He even gave way to the placing of tiles under the Operation Kayakalp. Starting with a school that had no washrooms or adequate supplies to teach the students, today his school is as good as any other private school capable of imparting education in all senses.

Currently, the school premises are loaded with educational drawings and pictures that beautify the walls and motivate both the teachers and the students. A well-provided library, sparkling walls, lush green surroundings, colourful flower beds, multiple hand wash facility, hygienic washrooms, and proper furniture, the school has come a long way with the support of Mr. Deepak Pundir. According to him, students should be able to see educational and interesting content even when they are not able to focus in the textbooks. Mr. Deepak had also contributed his own savings to get seating furniture for students to ensure that they learn in a proper environment.


Through the use of ICT, he has also ensured that the students learn the things that they are interested in and that they should be able to adapt to the latest technology.

His students are also provided with well-equipped models and practical learning aids for their better understanding and education. This not only helps them to learn well but also obtain practical knowledge that is otherwise believed to be absent from government schools! Yet his determination has resulted in a hands-on experience for the students where they perform the tasks themselves and learn further.

The students under his supervision are also enabled to participate in various competitions. With active attention and participation towards their activities, the school has frequently been a talk of the town, receiving numerous laurels and accolades.

He also formulated a questionnaire consisting of 550 questions that were centred on subjects like History and Science to enhance the knowledge of students studying at his school as well as those studying around his region. After formulating the questionnaire, he circulated it with utmost energy and enthusiasm to help students gain knowledge and become inquisitive about vital subjects. Thus, the questionnaire was named as HUMARA PARIVESH and was given significant recognition on a widespread basis.


By organizing cultural and national festivals which were earlier absent from the school activities, Mr. Deepak Pundir has introduced a new sense of cultural knowledge which makes the students encounter scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas of education. Paying a special emphasis on national events and festivals, he has also brought about a sense of patriotism among the students. Children’s Day is another such event that is organized to inculcate a positive atmosphere among the students.

Educational excursions are separate activities that have proved to be an effective way of teaching and learning in the field. Such facilities, otherwise thought to be absent from the government schools, have indeed proved to be so beneficial for the overall development that ultimately signifies that government schools are as good as private schools and that the mythical negative image of government schools must be done away with!


To salute the government school teachers who work days in and days out, Mr. Deepak Pundir thought it was essential to provide such unsung heroes their due credit. It was in the light of this thought, that he believed due to the negative portrayal of government schools and teachers by the media, he must take a step forward to celebrate the positivity and prosperity present in such schools. Perhaps his initiative “KOSHISH BADLAAV KI” is an act to publish stories of those who work hard in order to make government schools as good as private schools, in order to construct a positive image.


A little progress each day adds up to big results. This is what happened with him. In the year 2011 and 2012, Mr. Deepak Pundir was awarded for being the “Best Teacher” on the occasion of Teachers’ Day continuously. For his dedicated work and innovative ideas towards “ EFFORTS FOR CHANGE” or KOSHISH BADLAAV KI, he was honoured by the District Officer in 2016. On December 15, 2018 his school was awarded for its clean and hygienic premises on the occasion of the Cleanliness Week due to the relentless efforts of him and his colleagues. He was even awarded under the aegis of SAMRIDH BHARAT, SAMRIDH INDIA on March 18, 2019. He was also awarded for working towards “graded learning program” under the Operation Kayakalp. We congratulate people like Mr. Deepak Pundir who is working for the society and its future leaders.

State level ICT Award-2019 salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Deepak Pundir, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!!

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