The Wonder Man of Jammu- Kashmir: Meet Sanjeev Sharma

Ever since his schooling days, he always wanted to be a teacher by profession. A former sportsman and a dentist, he willingly chose to be a teacher in the far-off hills in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

What happens when a teacher goes beyond his limits, puts extraordinary efforts, and indulges in grass-root level work? An ambitious individual, a true patriot, and an experienced professional, he is a ray of hope for the people of our country and the perfect role model for all teachers around the world. Working amidst the hills of Pouni, district Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma has been working in the field of teaching for 10 years. With several accolades attached to his name, Mr. Sanjeev chose to carry on his interest in sports by encouraging girls to participate more and more and achieve laurels.

A well-known personality among the surrounding blocks under district Reasi, he is a boon for the community! By working towards the development of infrastructure, strengthening primary education, and a lot more initiatives, he has become a true ‘guru’ in the eyes of the hill people who respect him and accompany him in all his endeavours!


Ever since his schooling days, he always wanted to be a teacher by profession. A former sportsman and a dentist, he willingly chose to be a teacher in the far-off hills in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. When he set his foot in the field of teaching in the year 2009, he was excited, energetic, and enthusiastic about bringing a positive change in the atmosphere of government schools. A sports enthusiast by heart, he has been always connected with sports and the related arena. His own children study in a government school which completely signifies his trust and belief in the capability of government school teachers and their devotion towards the children’s education.


In spite of achieving so much in life, Mr Sanjeev Kumar Sharma chose to become a teacher by his own will. Having accomplished his goals in life, he moved into a new arena of life and participated in it whole-heartedly! By including the latest pedagogies in the teaching process, he started his teaching journey with High School Kundkhanyari, Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir, but later choose voluntarily to work with Govt Primary School Ikhani, the only teacher at the government school. Here he has defied all the odds and done wonders. Through the means of smart classroom in the open air, recreational activities that cover all subjects, and co-scholastic parameters, Mr Sanjeev has been working in difficult terrains and tough conditions for over a span of 10 years.

His interesting initiatives make learning process and schooling so much fun that from 13 students, he has been able to get a total of 51 students admitted in the government Primary School. Even when he has to travel across a distance of 5 hours to reach to his work place, he portrays ultimate enthusiasm and energy while doing so. Such determination and devotion is undoubtedly commendable!

Even in the current times of COVID-19, he has been running his paathshala, hosting community schools by going to every village and visiting his students. Hence, even in such difficult and desperate times, he has continued the offline classrooms for his students so that limited resources and inadequate network facilities do not come in their way!

With an aim to provide Private school-level education to government school pupils, he has introduced practices like recitation of poem and plays during morning assembly hours. By grabbing adequate community support and encouraging neighboring citizens to help him in his journey, he has inspired 100s and continues to adopt different and diverse practices  and this catches the attention of surrounding people and administrative executives too! Having said that, it will be appropriate to state that his efforts and contribution to the core educational improvement has been publicized and made viral by the Directorate of Education, state of Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, his teaching is not only restricted to the classrooms but also scheduled under open sky that make students happier and healthier! By clubbing ICT, physical education, promoting girls’ education, and taking lot more significant steps, he has set a benchmark for the teachers working across the country.


Being a former sportsman, he thought of encouraging female students to participate in sports. Working in difficult conditions, urging different communities to allow their girl-child to participate, and train them well was a challenge for him. Yet he defied all odds and constructed an initiative “BETI BACHAO, BETI KO KHILADI BANAO!”, he has successfully encouraged his students to win laurels in the field. By training them even during the lockdown, he has built shining stars from scratch! Thanks to him, girls like Arfana and Bano are gold medalists in wrestling. Been a gold medalist himself, he has also had the opportunity to coach young enthusiasts. Numerous programs like Khelo India initiative and Fit India Week have been the highlights of his attempt at advocating the importance of physical education and sports. As a sportsperson, he wanted to provide all adequate facilities to his pupils that were not available for him.

The unity, brotherhood, and positive atmosphere that he has been surrounded with tells a lot about the students and their parents. Yet the strong and inspiring initiatives that Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma has taken tell almost everything about him. A government teacher is as good as a god who can do anything. Being inspired from Sarkari School and his fellow countrymen working towards the same cause, he is the perfect example of how we can do tons for our country.


In the wake of a global pandemic that has happened to lock everyone across the world in their own homes, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma rather chose to help those in need and spread awareness to the deprived. Perhaps he set on the hills and went forth and contacted the administration to consider his services for helping the people. With a head start, he began to spread awareness, provide health essentials like hand sanitizer and face masks, and advocated the current situation. Been informed and educated about COVID-19, the village people were readily comforming with his requests and complying with the administration.

Even among the community if Bakarwals or the nomads, he has been educating people about the virus and its deadly consequences. By reaching out to every student, he has also been distributing ration packets and mid-day meals to ensure their health and safety. By participating in the “EACH ONE, TEACH TEN” initiative, he has also been working towards the popularity of the Arogya Setu App and its uses. Moreover, he has helped in handling the data of those who had returned from foreign trips and organizing their details to assist the administration in containing the spread of the disease.


A true patriot by work and will, he has also been an active participant and advocate of government initiatives. By participating in initiatives like Help the Senior Citizens, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Swachhta hi Sewa, Plantation Drives, Yog Awareness, Beti Bacho Beti Padhao, and a lot more, he has helped the government and local administration to achieve milestone changes. From encouraging youngsters to converse more often with their grandparents to urging local people to perform repairing activities to remain self-independent, he has truly transformed the face of the hills of the topmost state of India.

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