The Wonder Woman of Rajpura: Meet Pushpa Yadav

The leading lady of the Primary School Rajpura, Merrut, Uttar Pradesh, she is always active, energetic, and ever-ready to bring good change and enable her students to learn well.

Meet Government School Teacher Pushpa Yadav!

Being a woman herself, she recognizes the wonders education and exposure can do.  The leading lady of the Primary School Rajpura, Merrut, Uttar Pradesh, she is always active, energetic, and ever-ready to bring good change and enable her students to learn well.

Pushpa Yadav, Head Teacher of Primary School, Rajpura, Merrut, Uttar Pradesh

When she was appointed in Primary School Rajpura, the condition of the school was very challenging. Forget about learning, the physical infrastructure was not conducive for a better learning environment.

Condition of Primary School Rajpura, when she joined

But she converted this challenging opportunity to make Rajpura as a model school for others and set a benchmark with her leadership skills, hard work and investing her own money on school development.

Meeting to make school a better place for learning

Her days begin with a dream and end with a dream. The dream of seeing more and more children on the school premises learning and becoming empowered.

Attractive school campus

From girl-child to specially-abled children, her attention is divided and diverse!

Caring Teacher : Medical camp in school campus

Her initiatives on the educational front have been dynamic and daring! Under her charge, the books and blackboards are not confined to providing knowledge. But walls and surroundings are also a part of imparting education among children.

School Library

Apart from including visual means like role plays, flashcards, integrated picture books or BIG BOOKS for making learning more fun, she has also ensured that the surrounding walls are painted with Teaching and Learning Materials (TLM). This means that the school walls are not only coloured with bright, attractive paint but also with educational drawings and pictures for better learning and educational purposes.

Making school wall as a learning hub

She has been consistently maintaining the infrastructure of the school with adequate external support and her due spirit! With furniture aid from MLC Ms. Sarojini Agarwal and educational and technological equipment aids from the Rotary Club, she has herself strived hard to maintain a positive atmosphere of the school through a well-maintained library, well-provided sports room, and other significant facilities.

Friends of Government School MLC Sarojini Aggrawal helped her school to get furniture for students

Through her personal funds, she has been devoting her time and energy for the betterment and development of the school. She has also established a proper rainwater harvesting system to explain her students the importance of water and the need to conserve it.

Rain Water Harvesting system in school campus

Initiatives like traditional “God Bharai” rituals, organising medical camp in campus have made her unique and popular among the parents and the students of her school.

Attending family rituals is must to do activity for Pushpa Yadav

A day at school starts with worshiping of God and ends with the same. A total of 171 students pray to God together and afterwards execute role plays and skits learning more and brushing up their speaking skills.

Day always starts with effective morning Assembly

Their entire day passes away in learning, taking care of their saplings sown in the Lata Vatika (named after Smt. Lata Mangeshkar), and doing physical activities.

Huge fan of Lata Ji, Pushpa ji has a separate space for Lata Vatika in school campus

On Saturdays, the students enjoy their pool party! Such efforts and activities have only led to the school being certified as a HAPPY SCHOOL!!

This school is known as a Happy School. Thanks to Rotary Club!

Even the teaching staff is harmoniously involved in their chores while holding routine meetings to yield better academic results for their students.

A hard working and super inspiring School Team!

With special reference to girl-child education and prevention of increased drop-out rates, she has been persistently working days in and days out.

A Self defense session to make girls students more confident

Her initiatives like organizing summer camps for neighbouring girls and their mothers, provision of vocational courses to the participants like stitching and approaching dropped-out students to re-join school are some among many.

Helping kids to learn useful skills to become Atmnirbhar (self dependent)

To engage rural women with her school, she helped the administration to organise Gas distribution under Ujjwala scheme, where she discussed with mothers about girls’ education and how they can help their children to learn.

Engaging mothers to make them true friends of her school

She has even collaborated with an Aanganwadi to encourage girls to bring along their younger siblings so that they can leave their siblings under the good care of the people and get back to classrooms. This has been most importantly a milestone initiative that has not only encouraged young girls but also their parents to let them study further.

She also hosts routine PTMs and community camps to create awareness and general knowledge among everyone to encourage their daughters to study and become independent.

Door to door visit to meet parents

Her initiatives and dedication have made the school popular to such an extent that she has received 31 new admissions even in the times of a global pandemic.

She is also trying to use technology in regular teaching learning practices. An innovative Smart Class is helping kids to get global exposure from remote village.

Smart School, Smart Class

A woman of wisdom doing wonders, Smt. Pushpa Yadav is one among many who is serving her nation and her students with all spirit, strength, and support she has!

Awareness drive with staff and students

A one-woman army has brought a significant transformation in the face of a school. Her efforts are visible in enrollment numbers.

Outcome of all efforts, status of enrollment

From zero development to considerable recognition and appreciation, Smt. Pushpa Yadav is our wonder woman!

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