Transforming the Tribal Lives of Maharashtra: Meet Pradip Ganpat Jadhao

Mr Pradip is an example for overcoming the struggles through the search for solutions.  He believed that, unexpected situations are opportunities provided to prove yourself. The more the situations becomes difficult, higher the opportunity to build your potential.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” said Nelson Mandela. Committed for the tribal kids, Pradip Ganpat Jadhao, an inspiring government school teacher utilizes interesting teaching strategies to create a desire in students to learn. Pradip Ganpat Jadhao, teacher of Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee International Zila Parishad School, Chikhali, Buldhana, Maharshtra has been conferred with State Teacher Award in 2016.

Uniqueness of International School at Maharashtra

With the aim to inculcate International standard of education in the rural schools, Maharashtra’s dream project ‘Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee International Schools’ was launched in 2018 and 13 Zilla Parishad Schools were affiliated to the Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB). Digitization, Intercom, CCTV and other Internet facilities were provided in the government schools as part of the project. Improvisations were made with the machineries, and with that infrastructure of the government school is all set to achieve higher education standards. Opportunities were given for kids from the village to uphold their right to education. Progress in the enrolment rate of these government schools can be seen. Thus, this project had benefited a lot.

Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee International Zila Parishad School offers free education to students of the village and 25 nearby villages. Pre-Primary classes and primary classes are taken using internet facilities. The arrangements for the primary classes are prepared and carried out by the villagers. Changing the perception of government schools along with providing an environment that attracts students from cities to join the government school in the village were the key objectives.

A Teacher’s Journey Defying the Obstacles

Pradip Ganpat Jadhao was appointed at Zilla Parishad School in Yavatmal district where other teachers were reluctant to join. Pradip ji was unaware of the people, their language spoken in the village. The school was initiated with the name ‘Vastishala’ in 2008 and later it was converted into a school. The school lacked basic infrastructure facilities and teachers. Pradip ji had to handle Kolam tribal kids who spoke Kolami dialect. Teaching students who were unaware of the languages he was expertise in such as Marathi, Hindi and English were the biggest crisis. While he was learning English, a foreign language, he understood the possibilities of learning the tribal language of these kids. From the basic simple words, he decided to move forward with their language and that led to affection towards him. He even engaged them with activities and started playing with them. He cited the lack of regular attendance of students in government school.

Improving the involvement of students

 “When you learn, teach. When you get, give”- Maya Angelou

Pradip ji was teaching by learning and he believed in the true meaning of educating a child. He learnt Kolami dialect from different people and different places. Understanding the local dialects of different regions Pradip ji made it possible to reach out to his children through his continuous efforts. Translation was crucial in building bonds and understanding these students. Students considered him as one among them. They became closer and were more interested in classes. Teacher – student rapport was improved in order to develop love for school. Pictures can portray multiple meaning. With the help of images and Marathi language Pradip ji taught the students to visualize everything. Transformation was made within the school as well as the roads were also reformed with the joint cooperation between teachers and students. By refining the Infrastructure, the school became more attractive and interesting for the students. Kabaddi was the favourite sport and Pradip ji motivated students to play kabaddi inside and outside the school campus.

Appreciation for the Relentless Efforts

As part of the Teacher’s Week Program in 2016 in Maharashtra, an exhibition at Pune to encourage teachers who were unique in their teaching strategies, Pradip ji was called, because of his efforts to help tribal kids which was an honour. The stall installed in the exhibition gave insight to many teachers in Maharashtra on handling the situations in the tribal region. The government came to know about the activities done in preserving the endangered dialects in Yovatmal district. The government planned and created a handbook of teachers who worked for the preservation of local dialects. Pradip ji’s activities at school were appreciated and published in the handbook. Marathi schools in which students spoke other dialects were the main focus of the Handbook published by the government.

Challenging the barriers, the attempts and strenuous efforts led to the achievements in the school and to his self. Facing problems by working hard through them was his main ideology. Pradip ji’s adherence to tribal kids was rewarded with State Teacher Award. He received a letter of appreciation from Maharashtra’s education Minister Mr. Vinod Tawde.

Advocate of Preserving the Local Dialect

Dialects are part of the culture and Pradip ji preached to never let this sense of belongingness to diminish. The surveys show the endangered dialects which are left behind. He points out the importance of preserving the dialects in the nation. Pradip refers to the ways to preserve your local dialect utilizing every single possibility in speaking the dialect to other person and thus transferring the dialects to the next generation. Being multilingual is an aspect of an individual and he stated the need to learn different languages. He has a collection of audios, videos, books of different places prepared by many teachers for children. Inclination to help anyone in preserving the dialects shows his willingness to work for the society. He trusted the necessity to learn languages to remain connected with our culture and traditions.

Mr Pradip is an example for overcoming the struggles through the search for solutions.  He believed that, unexpected situations are opportunities provided to prove yourself. The more the situations becomes difficult, higher the opportunity to build your potential. Mr Pradip is proud to say that, if he had not gone through such situations he might not have done so much.

We congratulate people like Mr. Pradip Ganpat Jadhao who is working for the society and its future leaders. salutes the creators of India’s tomorrow, Mr. Pradip Ganpat Jadhao, his efforts and dedication. Sarkari sbse Asarkari!!

(With Ancy Maria Thomas)

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