A New Age Child With Courage to Fly High: Meet Annu Gautam

Annu Gautam is an amazing student with dreams in her eyes who wants to fly high and encourages others to fly as well.

Annu is an 8th class student who has won and participated in many district and block level competitions. She has won an all India online dance competition in the pandemic and she is a brand ambassador of Sikrara to promote women empowerment.

She lives in Ibrahimabad, Sikrara. She lives with her mother, father, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. She has been topper from her very childhood. She is brilliant in both studies as well as extra curricular activities. Annu studies in Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalay, Ibrahimabad, upper primary school, block Sikrara. District jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Annu participated in yoga activities, singing, dancing, craft work, and drawing etc. She used to participate on Saturdays for meena manch
activities. She has been a very active student since her childhood.

In Meena Manch which is a special campaign to enhance community commitment for girls education, five girls are selected from all the girls present. Among those five girls, there is a president, secretary, treasurer and two members. Annu was a member of Meena Manch till the seventh standard and from a seventh class, she became the president due to her achievements and active participation in that group. She was involved in every activity related to Meena manch.

During lockdown when everyone else was locked inside their homes, she won an online national level dance competition organised by Satyameva Jayate USA, for the government schools on junior level (6th to 8th). Students participated in this competition from every state of India. All the participants had to send a dance video of not more
than two minutes. Annu became the winner of this competition. She won a certificate and a sum of Rs11111 (eleven thousand one hundred eleven rupees) as prize money for the competition.

She also participated in a Road Safety Competition on district level organised by RTO, during lockdown. There were three categories to participate in – Quiz, Poster and essay. She participated in Quiz and poster competition and got third and second rank in both of them respectively. For both she won prize money of Rs 1000 and Rs 1500 respectively. She also received a certificate from ASP and CRO.

Her mother and grandmother both are illiterate. They don’t know how to do a signature due to which Annu felt bad as everyone in their surrounding knew how to sign except her mother and grandmother, who used to do thumb impressions. In lockdown, she taught her mother and grandmother to write their names and now they also do
their own signature. This is a thing on which Annu is very proud of.

Annu belonged to a very poor family but that never stopped her from moving forward. During the lockdown when the government made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask, they could not afford it. She told this to her teacher, Madhuri Jaiswal. Maduri showed her how to make masks at home out of any cloth and use that. So, she started making masks on her own. She taught how to make masks at home to the neighboring girls. So that they can also learn this craft and also follow the protocol properly.

Annu is brilliant in dance, yoga and painting. She makes different paintings, she can dance very well and she knows a lot of dance moves. She knows different yoga positions as well that too from a fairly young age. She is aware of the benefits of yoga and does it every day. She attended many dance and yoga competitions and won most of them.
She used her lockdown time very productively. She taught the girls, living in her neighbourhood, yoga. So they can stay fit and also learn a new skill. She used to go every Monday to teach them yoga in their surrounding area.

She is very good in academics as well. She loves every subject that is taught in school whether that be Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi or Sanskrit etc. She wants to learn as much as she can and she believes books are the main source of getting knowledge and learning anything new or old. She is the top student in her school every year since childhood which shows her interest and love for studies.

Annu became the brand ambassador of her block under mission ‘shakti’. On 06-march-2021, Block Education Officer, Mr Rajeeev Kumar Yadhav, took an exam of 6th to 8th standard, from their block under mission ‘shakti’. This exam was to see who is capable of doing all activities properly and is good in every meeting of Meena Manch. The exam was held in three parts: Speech, Quiz and Self defense. After checking the average score of all the three. Annu topped in this mixed format and became the brand ambassador of Sikrara under mission ‘shakti’. District officer, Manish Verma and S P Raj Karan Nair came to R C, Sikrara. They praised Annu and encouraged other young girls to be inspired by her.

In her early days of learning things, her family and others used to say to her- “What will you get by dancing or other skills you are practising? Focus on your studies only and that’s it.” But after she won many competitions her family and even her locality is very proud of her. Her neighbours tell her to keep doing things that she is doing. Some even told her to teach their children as well.

Annu’s father, Vishwas Kumar Gautam, is very proud of her daughter and he tells her, I will do whatever possible thing I can do to teach you and your siblings. Annu Gautam is a student who is always eager to learn. She wants to become a teacher and is inspired by her teacher Madhuri Jaiswal. She, at a very young age, tried to encourage others to learn, study and participate in different activities that happen in schools. All of this because she had the power to dream and the courage to make it come true.

Annu Gautam is an amazing student with the quintessential skills of being a perfect role model for other children out there. We wish her a bright future.

(With Nida Mehraj)

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